Now We Drink Champagne When It’s Thursday

With apologies to Biggie.

Game of the Night

#4 Y&B2 (3-0) -5 vs Spare of the Dog (2-0): I’m only picking this game as game of the night because both teams are undefeated.  I don’t think it will actually be that close because Spare of the Dog only does really well when you forget about them.  In the past they’ve tended to play their best when they are off the radar.  Y&B2 on the other hand features two ringers in their debut season who are fired up to win every regular season game.  Crackerjack exuded confidence on the podcast, and that’ll carry over to the lanes.  Unless they just get blinded by the beauty of the Dogs uniforms, or they step up to the challenge of a drinking contest with Dogs, Y&B should cruise.

Early Games

Bowled and Beautiful (0-2) -1 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-1):  One word – Viking!  I’m just going to assume he’s back and ready to kill it.  They have a real chance at a first win and I think they’ll seize the opportunity.  Ralphie will be working hard to motivate her team, and she does have some good starts from Sad Juliana and Train Conductor, but if Viking has one of his crazy nights that’ll be tough to overcome.

Guacabowle (0-2) -3 vs Linguists (1-2): Guacabowle is a surprising 0-2 even though they have the third best average in their division.  I think they’re going to break through tonight, partially fired up by podcast Thunder predicting them to go 0-12.  The Linguists are still adjusting to life with all the roster changes after their surprise Thursday A title last year.  Colonel Angus needs to break out of the 130’s and give La Gatita a little help.

G.O.B. (0-3) -1 vs UREA! (1-1): Hey look, that’s the third straight winless team I’m picking to win.  Don’t tell Trump, I’ll be accused of affirmative action for LOSERS.  Invisible Hand has been great, and Holden Green should be able to hold his shit together until 730 or so.  UREA! called their shot last time I picked against them and did get the win.  Automatic and T-$ are due for some big games, but I’m going with Hand to lead his team to win #1.

Fuckin Chuckits (1-1) -1 vs Pinny Candy (2-1): Total clash in styles here.  Pinny Candy won’t mind FC’s party, they may even buy thema  drink or two, but they won’t be putting a lot of energy into it.  How will that stoicism affect Ramrod’s crew?  Pinny Candy is a bit of a surprise to me at 2-1, and I’m tempted to take Pay Day for a big game, but if Oolie’s back and the roster turmoil is settled FC should be able to sneak by.

Late Games

Lesbowlians (2-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (2-1):  I’m picking these guys in spite of Tilt-A-Whirl pointing out my terrible BoPo history memory.  While it would be easy to dismiss these complaints since she only has  4 300 games and 3 BoPo finals, I am going to try to do a better job with remembering BoPo past.  (Unlikely given the amount of beer and other intoxicants involved in a podcast).  Happy Hands also has some concern with my accuracy, as I have now guessed the wrong gender for three HHP players.  So what am I even doing predicting this game?  Moving on…

#2 L.O.S. (3-0) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (1-2): Well I have it on good authority that Mr. Stiffy has already called his shot…an L.O.S. loss.  Huh?  Well, they are without Precious (who I presume is just refreshing the BoPo website over and over smiling at seeing his name on the top of the stats page).  It’s also late, and LOS is terrified of the late.  Oh, and Leisure Rolls are completely unaffected by oil conditions and love playing late, and Magic will have that maniacal giggle.  You know what, Stiffy?  You’ve talked me into it.  Leisure Rolls (1-2) -1 vs #2 LOS (3-0).

Lovernauts (1-2) -3 vs Bowlderdash (0-2): The Lovernauts are off to a slow start after their big run last year.  They need to turn it around soon to stay in the race. Slugga should be ready to go off, and they need Rufio to strut her stuff a bit.  Bowlderdash is one of the quieter teams in BoPo, but they have a pretty tight team thing going on.  I could make a bad joke like “what can captain Michael Bowlton coax out of Boys McCracken”, but I’ll just say we need more Bowlderdash on the podcast and smack board.

Lion’s Den (2-1) -13 vs Bad News Spares (1-1): The Spares picked up 15 points last week due to that unfortunate Granola forfeit.  Those 15 points may have to keep them satisfied for a while.  The Lion’s Den came out flat last week and were down 10-0 before they woke up.  They did get Das Ducken on this week’s record-length podcast, and now they’ll pile up some points and move to 3-1.

BUI (2-1) -1 vs TDYOB (1-1): Sorry BUI but I just fired up Roy Munson.  But I just got a preview of this game last night, as Snapshot and G-Unit took care of Thunder and Farmer.  That game didn’t even have BUI’s top player, Duke Thunderwood. TDYOB does have one thing going for it, the dominant start from Sneaky Pete.  These teams have almost identical averages, and I thin this will be an extremely tight game with points being decided in the 10th frame all night.  I’m sure both teams are surprised by my pick.





7 thoughts on “Now We Drink Champagne When It’s Thursday

  1. Ha! Calling me an ultimate player when the last time I played was in college (2007) might be a stretch. Disc golf is where it’s at nowadays. All the drinking and none of the running.

  2. No Hungus these lines do not upset anyone on TDYOB. We, as always, are just looking to hang out, have a few laughs, a few (100) beers if we happen to win a couple along the way so be it. Like you said Snapshot 577 G Unit 504 to Thunder 502 and Farmer 470 just last night and that was without their ace. No sadly looks like a long drunken fun ass season of losses for TDYOB.

    Also we found out last night that G Unit is an ultimate player. We are fairly confident if we cannot take BUI out in bowling that we could perhaps squeak bye on the pitch.

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