Dinner Time

First I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.  You make a 67 year old feel young again, and I appreciate it.

Second, let’s talk food.  I love the team dinner thing that Spare of The Dog is doing, but just in case you don’t have any excellent cooks on your team we are offering a Team Dinner Special at Bayside. This week it’s the Fried Chicken Dinner.  It’s just a silly amount of chicken, biscuits, cole slaw and pickles.  $50 for the whole team (feeds 6 or so).  Just throwing it out there.

Finally, some lines.

Predictions: 66-19

Game of the Week


#1 Back in Black (4-0) -1 vs #4 Yahtzee (3-0): Cheese called it.  This is game of the week.  I don’t have much to say about it.  Two excellent teams battling for first.  Bama looking to break out of a mini-slump, Brooklyn looking to stay dominant.  Yahtzee looks to Tango who has been killing it and sits second only to Brooklyn in Tuesday average.  Come check it out, this will just be a good, old-fashioned bowling battle between top teams.

Early Games

My Balls (2-1) -3 vs BILF (1-2): My Balls lost a shootout to NED last week in spite of a game with a couple 200s and a team average that was higher than a ton of A teams.  BILF has been a tough luck team again, sitting with a losing record after three games even with a  solid average.  BILF tends to find ways to have heartbreaking close losses so I’m going to predict a Major Danks foot fault in the tenth frame for a one pin loss.

Body English (2-2) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (0-4): Speaking of tough losses, BEER has now lost by 1 pin in the tenth frame in consecutive weeks after the Hungus choke job vs Yahtzee.  Of course they’ll get no sympathy from a Hazzard team that remarkably still has no wins.  They’ll have LB Davenport and General Lee tonight for this wigged out Party Pit showdown.  Can a team with those two stars really fall to 0-5?

Pinups (0-4) -3 vs Three Livers (0-4): This isn’t specific to these teams but I know a member of one of them was considering joining the Pro-Am but thought they weren’t good enough.  I want to squash that foolishness.  The PBA Pro-Am is one of the coolest bowling experiences anyone will ever have, and if you’re in BoPo, you are welcome to be in it.  It’s Baker Style, no one cares how good you are or aren’t, it’s a party for Tush Christ’s sake.  Anyway, I have the Pinups winning this one.

No Eye Deer (3-0) -5 vs WhoSITs (1-3): Look out for NED!  Where the hell did Honey Bear come from with that 220+ average last week in the My Balls showdown?  Disco Welder has a B championship contender on her hands.  Tootsie led his crew to their first BoPo win, but now things get tougher.  This would be a pretty big upset if they found a way to win.

Late Games

Splits Happen (3-1) -3 vs ICBING (2-1): Ok, I hear you Splits.  Even though you may practice in lamer bowling alleys, you’re practicing, and you’re winning, and you’re challenging for a title.  ICBING is no slouch, and they are the number one party team so you better come in prepared to get loose, even that 5 year old on your bench should maybe get some extra sugar or something.  ICBING is a very adult party, though, just be forewarned.

Bingas (2-2) -3 vs Sharks and Strikes (2-1): What’s the deal with Railroad?  Is he around?  He’s a difference maker fro Sharks, but even with their full roster I’d have a hard time picking S&S over Bingas.  (By the way, Yahtzee had two guys doing the Sharks and Strikes celebration last week, are you grabbing them next season too?)  Bingas came through with a big win playing out of their element early against OC last week.  Tso was a monster.  They could go on a run here.

Turkey Club (2-1) -7 vs Cape Fear (1-3): The return of Buck “Take me to Denny’s” Ripcord!  Can’t wait to see how he does after his last game of 52.  By the way, he rolled a 52, and still has a 196 average.  Damn.  Cape Fear has actually been putting up a lot of 200s, and shouldn’t be overlooked, I just see a 300 coming tonight from Buck.  Plus Roadhouse and E-Minor want more shot at moving up into all-star contention.

Incredibowls (3-0) -3 vs Strikes on Tap (2-2): The Incredibowls are where we thought they’d be, sitting undefeated and with the top average in B.  Strikes on Tap is hovering around 600 themselves and they could really shake up the B race with an upset in this one.  Oh, Silver Fox, you got your name to yourself again, we gave that impostor on Granola the what-for.

#5 Saucy Posse (3-0) -3 vs Off Constantly (2-2): Hot Sauce had a nice little run on the podcast this week.  He’s rocking the beard and wants to be feared.  He’s watching you whiff and lighting a spliff.  OC is still looking improved from last year though Nubes says they are building toward a run at BoPo X.  Maybe they sign Viking in the offseason or something.  SauPo is all about the blue and gold banner they plan to hang with BoPo IX on it.





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  1. A Major Danks foot fault in the tenth……classic, I hope it doesn’t happen but can see it coming……

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