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So, we’ve been having wide open lanes on Fridays so far this winter.  That means we can schedule some 2v2 playoffs on Fridays, as well as Wednesday nights.  Just contact the front desk to book those matches.  I’m pretty sure the playoffs kick off tonight with a Thunder/Dick vs G-Unit/Snapshot showdown at 815.

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  1. Let me take the following email from Karl Hungus and elaborate:
    Playoffs are on! The matchups are all posted at the front desk. Here are the 1st round games. (Top 7 got byes). Start as soon as possible. Deadline 2/15.

    #16 Mitch Cumstein/Dick Whitman +4 vs #17 Automatic/T-$:
    Cumstain and Whitman are complete hacks and have a harder time finding their cars after a match than they do finding the pocket during the match, and that is saying a lot. Automatic has been struggling all year with the move to an A team. The bright lights aren’t for everyone. Fortunately for him T$ has been money of late and I look for them to dust off Cumstain and Whitman 4-0.

    #8 Railroad/Dick Du Jour -4 vs # 25 Rick Vaughn/Cuz Zander:
    This will be an epic beat down of mammoth purportions. If the Lion’s Den boys are within 200 pins by the three series end I will be blown away. The Den boys are going to have to have their drums banging to try and get into these Sharks heads to have any chance at all in this match. The only way I see this being close is if the Shark boys go on one of their benders before the match which is always a possibility.

    #9 E-Minor/D-Luther -1 vs #24 Booth/Filthy McNasty:
    This could be closer than it looks on paper. Neither Luther or E Minor have been lights out this season. Neither have Filthy or Booth, but they are both clutch rolls with championship pedigree. Gotta go with the team who has been putting in the time on the lanes and that is E Minor; however, I see a close match and potential for an alternating ball roll off.

    #13 Viking/The Dude -4 vs #20 Space Farmer/Roy Munson:
    I give the boys of Bork zero chance in this one despite Munson throwing up a 644 in a 2 v 2 beat down over #1 and Mr. Stiffy. Munson has been lost on this pattern in Bowl Portland and the Viking has been lights out. Farmer is too busy thinking about the podcast and being the worst bowler on it. The Dude is glad he got a great pattern and has a much improved roll. I see another 4-0 game here.

    #12 Snapshot/G-Unit -1 vs #21 Dick Liquor/Dr. Thunder:
    The boys of BUI have beaten Thunder twice in the last week. I look for that to continue. Yeah he and Dick will be loud and obnoxious as is their nature, but they will also be drunk and falling down which is also their nature. Either one of them can come up with a big game which is why the line is tight, but in the end I see the steady hands of Snapshot and G Unit he of the 199 taking this match.

    #15 Cookie/Tso -2 vs #18 Bombpop/Romo:
    More intrigue. Tso has been a beast in Bowl Portland and Cookie is starting to come around. The Brothers Dog have also seen improvement in their scores but like Dick Thunder above, maintaining a proper buzz is hard for these guys. I look for them to drink their way out of it while Tso spins a mid 600 series.

    #10 Roo/Big Rig -3 vs #23 Magic/Gatch:
    The return of Big Rig. Last we saw him he was getting his lunch handed to him by the Twin Towers and shit out the bottom of Bowl Portland becoming the 100th bowler that Turkey Club has given their walking papers. Roo is now rolling for the upstart Sharks who are kicking ass and taking names while running up tabs and getting free tots. Magic and Gatch signed one too many bowler for 2016 and cannot seem to get in any flow. That continues in this match as they maybe salvage a game while Roo Rig wins the match.

    #14 Busta/Peanut Gutter +2 vs #19 Walter/Diesel:
    Busta doesn’t like lines and has been throwing up big scores. Peanut Gutter doesn’t care, hates the pressure of 2 v 2, and bows out round 1 every year with a 460 series much to Busta’s chagrin, yet he can’t seem to quit his loveable buddy. Walter and Diesel are accustom to 2 v 2 success and should roll their way to a win.

    #11 Mr Stiffy/#1 -4 vs #22 Colucci Kid/Hard Knox:
    Stiffy is in the zone lately, and #1 is coming off a big night. The Kid and Knox are a mess and limping to the 2 v 2 finish line. I look for them to get destroyed in this match and to never bowl with each other again.

    Remember if you lose you are no eliminated, you just move to loser’s bracket.
    If your game is tied 2-2, the tiebreaker is one head to head game of alternate ball doubles. One game, alternate ball. NOT alternate frame (if you leave a pin, your partner has to pick it up).

    So please reach out to each other to set games up. On Superbowl Sunday we are only open from 11-3.

    Good luck

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