Things Are Getting Real!

Reminder about that team dinner thing.  This week it’s a giant fried chicken meal, feeds 5 or 6.  Get some.

Please take a look at the updated rules section regarding playoffs.  Rick Vaughn noticed an error and it has been corrected.  Only top 6 A and top 2 B will get automatic seeds in the playoffs.  The other 32 teams will play in a giant, 3 rounds of matchups Sunday Shootout.  Holy cow!

And another reminder to start playing those 2v2 playoff games, Fridays are available to book those games.

Predictions: 73-22

Game of the Night


#4 Young & Bowled 2 (4-0) -1 vs BUI (3-1):  BUI probably would have been better off if I let this game fly under the radar and Y&B counted on a cakewalk.  Crackerjack is coming off a monster week (even though Glossy Mexican showed he could have an off night).  Mystery Powers is a sure fire all-star, too.  They should win, but BUI is feisty this year.  Duke Thunderwood is a legit ace, and G-Unit is the king of 190s.  Snapshot has put up some big games too and is rolling with a lot of confidence, and Happy Feet Pete is in the all-star conversation. They actually have all their guys in the top 20 for Thursday.  They tend to just stick around in a game.  Don’t look ahead to your LOS showdown next week, Y&B2.

Early Games

Pinny Candy (2-2) -7 vs Bad News Spares (1-2): That Granola forfeit propelled BNS up the standings a bit, and their average this year is actually way up from years past.  The team is getting better, but I don’t think they are strong enough to challenge Pinny Candy yet.  PC should cruise back into the win column with this one.

Roll Another (3-1) -7 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-3): They’re back!  Or, they are back on the schedule at least.  Granola has done a lot of soul searching since they last bowled on Jan 14th.  A forfeit and a bye week later, and a name change to Kid Loose from the Captain, and they’ll give this whole BoPo thing another try.  They have potential, just need to show up.  Roll Another has never forfeited in 9 years.  They just hang out next to you, bowl their game, and this year more often than not walk away with a W.  Bones and Uncle Buck have each had a solid week.  Wherefore art thou The Package?

DHD (3-0) -1 vs Fuckin Chuckits (2-1): This is a sneaky big game in the B world.  DHD is off to a fast start and is the last unbeaten standing in the division.  The Chuckits envision themselves as championship material, but a loss here and they are 2 games out of first already.  Ramrod and Oolie both rolled 200’s last time they laced ’em up.  DHD can match that kind of rolling with Hark Attack, and tends to have slightly more depth.  FC will have to ramp up the party early, wave flags, blow horns, whatever it takes to rattle their opponent or fire themselves up.  Would be nice to have some high energy in the early round this week anyway.

#2 LOS (4-0) -5 VS TDYOB (1-2): On air personalities clash on the lanes, so I presume we’ll hear a lot about this one on air (of course a lot more if Farmer and Co. pull off the monster upset).  TDYOB will try bringing some late night party vibe to early, but they are totally out of their element at 5:45.  Dr. did say something about taking a half day to get the party started early.  These guys are going to be pretty entertaining around 10 tonight.  This is a podcast showdown, and Cheese gets his chance to avenge all the ball busting he receives on air.  A few years ago I might have thought he’d press, but now he’ll just roll big games.  He has his giant friend back at his side too to take the pressure off, and don’t underestimate Stiffy’s workplace rivalry with fellow MUNUM employee Thunder.  TDYOB will need a lot of help for their 255 guy to keep this one close.

Lovernauts (2-2) -3 vs Happy Hands (2-2): This is a huge game for both teams in terms of staying in the B hunt.  The winner has a winning record and some momentum, the loser is mired in the pack.  HHP had a tough last frame loss last week, but that didn’t prevent Munj from getting engaged (on a night he probably didn’t realize taht BoPoers Karl Hungus, Slow Roll and Cilantro were all in the building to witness it).  The Lovernauts are starting to get a little groove back, and they really enjoy winning, it totally fuels their party.  I’m thinking with Lovernauts, Chuckits and TDYOB early we may have a higher energy 1st round than we’re used to.

Late Games

UREA (2-1) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (1-2): This is a weird one.  UREA is like the Splits Happen of Thursday lines, always feeling slighted (though they say calmly ‘we’ll prove you wrong Hungus’ as opposed to “Hungus hates us, screw that guy’)  So, I don’t want to give them extra fuel, and I’m picking them to win.  T-$ was a beast last week with a 678 series.  Automatic is due, J-Bird rolled great, Cro Mag had a 200.  The Leisure Rolls are still working on adjusting to the large roster, though Sloppiness is apparently only around a few more weeks.  This just feels like it’ll take a little while longer to get turned around for Gatch and Dry Magic.  Capt Insanal still battling for an all-star spot with his teammate (and MIST qualifier) Shooter.

Guacabowle (0-3) -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful (1-2): I’m not buying into the ‘cursed Guac’ theory…yet.  They have had some tough luck losses, and losses do beget more losses as they get in a team’s collective head.  I just think they are too deep to lose this one even if Viking has another dominant week.  Congrats to Bonita on winning a free spot in the Pro-Am.  Don’t say the Lucky Train never did anything for ya.

Guns of Brighton (0-4) -1 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-2): Second straight week I’m picking a few winless teams to break through.  Didn’t work out for me last week but I’m stubborn.  I can’t wait to watch iHand and Ralphie annoy each other to see who breaks first.  Seatown has been fired up and I think she’ll deliver this week.  Jon Moon finally had a breakout week too.  Rubby’s should be able to lock in and focus this week, and Red Empire has tossed a few surprise games so far, but the team of mechanics should get the gears turning tonight for a first win.

Lesbowlians (3-1) -3 vs Bowlderdash (0-3): That was a huge win for Lesbowlians last week, the kind of game that they were losing the last couple years.  Now they have a chance to build on it as a heavy favorite and push their record to a very solid 4-1.  Shout out to former Bowlderdash bowler Carrie Okay to her Vegas wedding in an Elvis chapel last week!

Lion’s Den (3-1) -13 vs Puds Taxi (0-3): Hey Rick Vaughn, did you ever see yourself being a 13 point favorite?  The Lion’s Den have been a pleasant surprise, really putting in time and energy to bring something to BoPo.  They should be able to cruise in this one, Pud’s only has one point all season, but they should also show Pud’s a pretty fun time in defeat.

24 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Real!

  1. Keep it up. I know every week we get to hear a recap on games, community, party fouls, psa’s, and prognostication. I look forward to it.

    Shout out to the BoPo presence on Thursday at the Portland Museum of Art. Black Tie/Cocktail casual attire and a guy showed up in his bowling jersey. Mad impressed. Rick Vaughn and I got loose!


    1. Great fucking party Thursday night and rivaled my usual Thursday buzz.

      Was awesome to stroll in and find out Hunny Boney has been serving on the same committee organizing the party this year with my wife.

      Was even greater to find Gatch, T-Square, Oz, Honey Bunny, Moyhem, Herbie, and Col Angus all there to get a sweet BoPo picture in the Pop Art photo booth being run by none other than Col Angus himself.

      Col Angus, you out there? Can we get a copy of the pic from The winter bash at the PMA? Can you post a link?


  2. So at times it is hard to get tone when reading a post. Hey guys don’t make this suck! Was a complete joke. I got nothing but love for Gatch who I love (Chapelle show night homie) and the greater BoPo community. I was laughing my ass off loving this thread when I got home versus an unbelievably fun and close for awhile match with LOS. Those dudes get a bad rap. They love to win and take pride in their bowling. They are a close knit group that love each other like family. They’ve got responsibilities and been there done that on the party scene so they choose to moderate on the party tip (I am jealous of this for I wish I could) and they play to win. There is nothing wrong that. To top that off every Thursday night the crowd is usually cheering against you because everybody hates a winner. But look out because they look like one of the teams to beat. Long live LOS. Was nice to win the lane battle over Hawk. Hawk bring back the smack!. I’m loving the love moment. I am after all a wannabe 60s kid at heart. So if that offended I apologize. But Thunder troll love movement ends with you. I got a problem with you. Ha ha.

    Long live BoPo!


  3. Oh, sorry the blowhard and the stats guru don’t get to tell stories of their matchup for 90 minutes. Bring on the Babes!

    1. Hey ghost poster, you send like a tool. Did you forget your meds this morning? No one is making you listen. I too am psyched for the Babes, should be a great show. I’m also on a three week break due to vacation so you should have a blowhard free three week podcast. But do not fear I will be back blowing harder than ever. Wait that didn’t come out right…………


  4. Thanks for the great read as usual Mr. H. No worries, the only motivation we need this week was that provocative 2v2 writeup. Dr. Thunder I presume? Clear eyes, full hearts.

      1. Sorry Gatch, I’m taking a leak in your McGillicuddy’s tonight. Probably improve the flavor…

      2. While I don’t share Watcher #1’s vitriol for Thunder (keep thundering Thunder!) It’s still pretty lame to scold these guys for having fun with their friends on a board about having fun with your friends. #BoPoforeverybody

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