Tuesday All -Stars

Tuesday Men: Buck Ripcord (captain), LB Davenport, Master Splinter, Tango, Jamaican Jerk, Brooklyn, General Lee, Karl Hungus, Railroad, Tom E Gunz, Sparkles, General Tso, (1st alternate, Samsquampch)

Tuesday Women: Nut Sauce, Valley Gurl Jess, McStriker, Rotini, Chernobylayne, Gutterboys Mom, Knuckles, Honey Bunny (1st alternate Bora Bora)


By Team:


Yahtzee – 3

SOD – 2

BIB – 2

BEER – 2

SauPo – 2

Hazzard – 2

Sharks – 1

OC – 1

TClub – 1

7 thoughts on “Tuesday All -Stars

  1. Buck Ripcord would be sitting around 225 without that 52 game. He needs his own drink special. How about a Manhattan and a shoe cover for $10?

    1. triple shot of Makers Mark, tiny splash of vermouth, 1 cherry, but you need a permission slip signed by your mom before you can order it.

  2. Bingas all up the All-star game’s shit!! Congrats to everyone who made it for tuesday and bowling your balls off so far. TUUUUUUUUEEESSSDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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