14 thoughts on “Please Don’t Do This

  1. I didn’t remove any tape last night, but I’ll be sure to make a point of not leaving any around in the future!

      1. It certainly wasn’t a conscious decision to ignore Hungus’s request. But I’ve been conditioned by 25 years of this being done by many bowlers every night on every lane. I’m one of the tidiest bowlers at Yankee, but they have a trash can behind every lane.

      2. Hey Crackerjack if everyone was taking a shit on the approach at Yankee lanes would you do it?

      3. You know what we use tape for at Bayside Bowl? Taping dudes to the fucking goalposts over at Fitzpatrick stadium when they come into our joint and leave their shit everywhere!

      4. Not impossible, but unlikely. He doesn’t even have a thumb hole drilled in the Storm Flame he was throwing all night. He does put his thumb in his spare ball, but he didn’t throw many spare shots in that 710 series.

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