Tempus Fugit

Writing lines til the final bell.

Early Games

Sharks O’ Strikes (3-2) -1 vs SOD (2-3):  Lots of branding in this one.  SOS has hit the ground running in their debut year with every kind of merch and online presence.  SOD has pretty signature cuts.  SOS has one all-star in Railroad no one thought would be on their team.  SOD has a couple of all-stars in McStriker and Valley Gurl who finally got some help from a dude last week with Dentist bowling well, but still fell 14-1.  This is the halfway mark for both teams.  3-3 is ok, 4-2 is better, 2-4 needs work.  I’ve said nothing, but I did make it take six sentences.

My Balls (3-2) -1 vs Budweisers (3-1):  Does anyone else read Budwesiers and think weisenheimer?  Anyone else sit in their rocking chair and shake their fist at that infernal racket?  My Balls roared back to life last week after a couple of 8-7 losses to get back in the mix for the B division.  Any B title dreams end here if they lose.  The Budweisers have a little more room for error with only one loss but they need to take advantage of the early start when they can keep it on the lanes.

Incredibowls (4-1) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (2-3): Tough time for the Wreck t be playing Incredibowls.  Spidey and God of Thunder will be eager to erase memories of last week’s loss to BILF and will likely take it out on The Dude’s squad.  The wrecking balls did have some solid performances from Swing and Swanny to help Dude out last week but they’ll need Ramona or Lulu to defy averages to have a shot at this upset.

TH: UREA! (3-2) -1 vs Cunning Linguists (2-3): I really don’t know how this happened.  The schedule building process is a love-hate journey of dozens of hours.  Then the inevitable change requests come in, then parties book, and games get bounced around a little and ideas like Friday Night lights lose their lustre.  Then somehow from the wreckage emerges a coherent, complete schedule, and only later do some of the warts show up, this time int he form of unplanned doubleheader weeks.  So UREA and Linguists both have two games this week, Tuesday and Thursday.  Sorry guys, or I guess, you’re welcome?  I’ll take T-$ and Automatic over La Gatita in a 2 on 1 all-star battle.

#4 Saucy Posse (5-0) -1 vs Body English (4-2):  SauPo rookies Nut Sauce and Master Splinter are all-stars, to the surprise of none.  They are delivering exactly as expected, but whether or not SauPo is a title contender comes down to the play of its OGs and namesakes, brothers Walter Sauce and Hot Sauce.  Well, Beef Strokinoff has been solid too.  I’m not saying anything new here, depth matters, and SauPo has it, but it will get tested several times from here on out.  BEER will have a large crew of 7 (8th in utero).  Lineup choices will be challenging but hair choices will be even tougher.  BEER does have a lot of close game experience this year with three 8-7 games if it comes down to that.

Late Games

Yahtzee (5-0) -1 vs Bingas (3-3): I like the look of this game.  Yahtzee is still undefeated, getting some big finishes when they need them to win close ones over big names like BIB.  Bingas has been up and down, but certainly looked huge in a 141 win in their last game.  This game features seven all-stars which is pretty nuts.  The Bingas Maneaters will have to be huge in this one.  Tango and Sparkles vs Jerk and Tso will be a fun duel to watch as well.

Cape Fear (1-5) -3 vs Ball That (0-5): Cape Fear has undergone serious roster changes over the years but they’ve always been a scary playoff team.  This year looks like a repeat…they’ll play some high seed early due tot heir record and push that team to the very limit.  Southpaw and Soccer Dad are a strong pair.  Ball That captain Samsquampch just missed the all-star and would love a little shot at redemption here.

Splits Happen (4-2) -5 vs Whoomp (1-4):


oh shit, gotta run






11 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

    1. +3 : Temps are rising and thumbs will be swelling, meaning that tape will need to come out.

      +6 for Thursday night because I’ll probably make up 3 pieces myself.

    1. OG – Original Gangster – Country of orgin – US – definition – those tru gangstas from way back in the day that jacked ya and left nothing but ya boxers and socks.

      Biggie and Tupac, Walter and Hot Sauce

  1. Splits Happen (4-2) -8 vs Whoomp (1-4): Cupcake was seen on social media bitching about the oil, Xander Rolle was seen on the social media bitching that he rolls a hook bowl, all this adds up to is this squad has a chip on their shoulder. Whoomp is enjoying their rookie season of taking their lumps as they acclimate to the league. Well they will be taking more lumps tonight as Splits Happen try to keep pace at the top of Tuesday B.

    BILF (3-2) -10 vs Pinups (1-4): Major Danks and crew are enjoying a strong season. As Danks continues to lose weight his average continues to go up. Don’t cheat on the fitness BoPo or as Thunder said on the podcast you could end up looking like John Candy one day. Payday and crew took their lumps on the podcast and smack board last year and are currently enrolled in the year of love and look forward to this late match no matter when it begins. These guys have bills to pass but with He Who Shall Not Be Named in office they are fine to take their time.

    NED (5-0) -13 vs Taps (3-3): NED is kicking ass and taking names, throwing up 700s and it is coming from their whole squad including Donzarelli who has now got a podcast and lines mention in the same week thus making his 226s go back to his more familiar 126s. Doesn’t matter NED is loaded as they look to go undefeated and take home a B crown. Looking at team averages whoever comes out of B should stomp the Thursday A team fairly easily in the inaugural B Title Match. Taps is enjoying a good season as they were able to keep their squad together and rebrand, but the wild childs from NED look to be too strong for them on paper.

    1. Wow mistakes have been made. Totally getting a team wrong and not knowing who they were a la the Babes of Bayside is just plain wrong. I accept my piublic shaming and raise that line to BILF -15.

      Turkey Club -3 vs BIB: As Tango stated this is a heavy weight battle. Buck Ripcord future top dawg with the lowest score for any Top Dawg ever will prove too much for BIB. Brooklyn has been the ace but should fall 30 behind Buck on average. Bama and Gutterboy are doing their early season we will roll big when it counts later in the season thing. Ladies in this match are evenly matched House and E Minor (who despite what the podcast stated is in fact not yet fully invested and like GB and Bama will pour it on later in the year) can hang with GB and Bama and Herk is the wildcard. In the end I like the best horse in the race to push his squad 3-2 each game for the 9-6 win.

      Shame shame shame.

      1. Ripcord is more of a mule. Not as fast or sexy as a race horse, but well equipped for an ass kicking competition.

  2. These things get cut short for the race to the hospital??????

    If that be true good luck and best wishes guys!

    Exciting times!

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