Guest Lines and A Request for A Schedule Change

Alright, I’m posting Thunder’s Thursday lines unedited.  So take it up with him.  Thanks for writing them Dr. T.

And congrats to Tuesday for the 19-13 win in the all-star game.  Was a blast for me to be able to run down from the hospital room for a quick three hours of chilling with all y’all!  Best team record was a tie, Tuesday’s All Yall’s Mom squad (Hungus, Brooklyn, Jerk, Knuckles, and Gutterboy’s Mom) and Thursday’s LOS squad (Cheese, Precious, Mr. Stiffy, Nugget and La Gatita) both going 6-2, and going 1-1 against each other.

I also need one Thursday game from March 10 to move and hoping for volunteers.  You could play Wednesday March 9, Friday March 11 or Saturday March 12.  Please let me know, and thanks! (Oh and at least one of the early games that night is moving late). 

Thunder Lines:

As I sit here typing up guest lines listening to Mosart 212’s Small Wonderz Symphony Sessions
( I am reminded that as awesome as this season has been to the midpoint damn we sure have had some goofy reminders this season.  No hugging anyone without consent, tape everywhere, and now this please don’t smack anyone’s ass female or other that you don’t usually smack his or her ass on a regular basis I mean that is pretty standard.  Sneaky Pete gets a strike I smack her ass from time to time.  Spooky gets a strike I give her a high five, Munson might slap her ass I’m not sure, but you get the drift these are couples in a fully consenting ass smacking relationship.  Someone else smacks their asses we pound their asses and you see how the story goes, self destruction we headin’ for self destruction.  So let’s practice good judgement out there, if you judgement is clouded
and you cannot practice sound judgement in your altered state take your foot off the gas a bit.  Now back to the BoPo IX Lovefest and some Thunder line’s as Hungus is trying out this whole diaper thing.  I love having children that wipe their own asses.  Wow straight back to asses.

Before we do hit those lines big ass slap shout out to Buck Ripcord on the first ever Bowl Portland 300, strong ass work kid!!!!  Thursday we got our work cut out for us Tuesday rocked 33 games 200 or above with a 3hundo!!!!!  Damn Tuesday slow the f down!  Actually keep on rocking those huge scores cuz you know we be gettin’ a fight to 150 pattern next year.

Game of the Night:

Spare of the Dog (3-1) -5 vs T&T (1-4):  Grudge match!!!!!  Ralphie used to run Spare of the Dog, left the league for a bit and is back with T&T looking for revenge.  The Dog crew don’t give a shit it don’t matter to Jesus they gonna have their team dinner whether T&T likes it or not.  T&T would like to serve them a side of ass kicking with their dinner.  T&T could use a big night from Rubbys as he continues to acclimate to the friendly confines of Thursday A.  This match has Party Pit written all over it!


Pinny Candy (4-2) -1 vs Happy Hands Production (3-3):  One win separate these teams in the standings and one pin in average indicating a tight match with bowl-off potential.  I can’t believe it wasn’t common knowledge about the porn names for an original team in HHP which is now sweeping the league.  $ Day took his lumps last year, but has come back to help the squad start off with a strong record and you know he is loving the early spot.  Both these teams have a lot of vets should be a good close match.

LOS #1 (5-0) -12 vs Cunning Linguists:  100 pins separate these teams in average.  LOS got a lot of pub last week for a huge week, but they did have essentially a pro bowler pick up with them who added about a 720 to that score.  Last time they had all 6 of their roster they got pushed to a game three by an inferior squad giving up their most points of the year a paltry 5.  So let’s not go giving them the banner yet.  Linguists have the top lady from Thursday in La Ga and a cast of characters that have all put up big scores, but they appear out classed from solely from an average perspective here by a team that is invested in going undefeated and hanging banner #2.

Puds (0-5) -1 vs Bowlderdash (0-5):  Something has got to give.  One of these teams is destined to bust out of this game with their first win.  Bowl has Puds by about 20 pins, but Puds had a team lesson (my God how times have changed) from another pro bowler in the league Boba Fett.  That is just crazy, love the passion and the will to get better; gotta go with the team putting in the time on the lanes to sneak by with their first W.


Y&B 2 (5-1)-7 vs Bowled and the Beautiful (2-3):  B&B got called out by Tush Christ on the podcast for not giving Viking enough help.  Last week their final game was a 700 with Saw, Beaujolais and Billy James all coming up big.  They will need that again tonight as Y&B 2 is coming off a slaughter at the hands of LOS and then three of their players caught a beat down in the All Star game.  They cannot be happy.  Mo $ is flying straight from the drunk bus in New Orleans to make this match and I am calling her season high score tonight.  I think the depth of Y&B 2 will be too much for B&B tonight.  Now Itz how about the sound studio sky box and the private jet for Rooftop Sessions purposes?????  #VegasPodcast

BUI (3-2) vs GOB (1-4):  GOB is in rebuilding mode and enjoying a chill and fun season.  BUI is loaded with all stars and fancies themselves an upstart with quiet title aspirations.  To get to a place where they have a chance to make a tourney run need to push that record as high as possible in the win column.  I think Thunderwood and crew come focused to give Hand a hand at another loss.

DHD (5-0) -14 vs Granola (0-5):  Wow DHD is the least known 5-0 team of all-time.  Every week some other fool that doesn’t know history on the podcast is like who is DHD????  As Hungus said have you ever heard of something called Bowl Portland???  This squad is an original 8 team with two more final appearances than most of your teams have show some damn respect!  Tonight they take it out on Granola.  It is a late game so Kid Loose should have all 11 of those kids in bed and be ready to rock.  Watch out for a potential post strike back spin!

FC Portland (3-2) -15 vs Bad News Spares (1-4):  FC been bringing the party all year long.  Only a matter of time before Ramrod’s liver gives out on him and he has time to come up with new BoPo chants/songs for PBA weekend from a hospital bed.  Tonight he gets to take on his sister LSS in a sibling rivalry match.  Oolie has been bringing the smack back this year too so can’t wait to see what he has in store for the spares today.  Both teams know each other well so it will be a party on this lane pair with the bowling being completely secondary.

UREA! (3-2) -3 vs TDYOB (1-4):  .2 pins separate these teams in average, but that’s with Thunder and Sneaky Pete in the mix.  Tonight Dr. Honniker and wife fill in, so TDYOB doesn’t have to be completely doctorless in the match.  Farmer has been rolling like the all star he is but the family Munson has yet to hit their stride.  If Munson doesn’t stop pressing and do work in this match it could be a long night for Bork.  J Bird has her team running just fine and T$ and Automatic appear to be too much at the top of the lineup for TDYOB tonight.  Bring the party guys, bring the party, and prove me wrong.  Roll Bork!!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Guest Lines and A Request for A Schedule Change

      1. Can I slap you on the ass?

        Can I slap you on the ass?
        Okay maybe next time.

        Okay I’ve got this.

  1. Shit!!!! I have got BUI -7. Trust me Automatic missing two nights of bowling despite 70s and drinks with lung everyday is pretty painful.

      1. Dude, you run a classy organization. That was a hard fought, fun game. Hats off to TDYOB!

      2. Bummed to have missed but true to Thursday form celebrated the match until 2:30 a.m.


  2. As one of northern New England’s foremost pessimists Daddy Automatic sufficiently prepared me for life’s great disappointments. This one is tough though. I was very much looking forward to bowling against one of this leagues premier personalities and bowlers…Dr. Thunder. Just have to file this one away with the 2003 ALCS, Chinese Democracy and New Coke I guess. There will be lanes, bright lights, beers, TDYOB & UREA! For that I am grateful. Good job with the lines and safe travels Dr. T…

      1. I think as a general rule, if a child can be born and taught to legally drive between the time when something is announced and when it is released, tempering expectations is probably a good idea.

  3. Just a writeup for BUI/GOB no actual line? Or are you predicting a bowloff win with Animal over Seachellz?

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