The Lines, They Are A Changin’

Little man here watching me put together lines for the first time, and it’s a good week for it.  So good in fact I am going with two games of the night, both huge in their divisions.

Tuesday took down the all-star game, but Thursday has been bringing the party stronger (after an early season hot start for Tuesday) and the smack has been mostly Thursday (plus Hot Sauce). So step up our game Tuesday! Party, talk smack, bowl more 300s!

Last thing, could someone please get into a bowloff already?  Season is more than half over!

Early Game of the Night

#5 Back in Black (5-2) -1 vs #3 Saucy Posse (6-0): Still adding fuel to the fire for SauPo I guess.  Maybe I’m just bummed I missed the matchup last week when they became the 3rd team this season to beat BEER 8-7.  Master Splinter had a real nice 700 series in that game, so I assume this is a Nut Sauce week.  SauPo is still undefeated and that’s damn impressive, and over the last few weeks Walter is showing signs of life with big games, and Beef Strokinoff has been putting up some numbers.  They can go off.  BIB lost for a 2nd time last week, and are 5-2 despite a 706 average.  Of course they did run into a 300 game last week.  They haven’t showed their normal dominance, but they will still be a title favorite when the playoffs get here.  Gutterboy just got  anew ball, did some videos of himself throwing it, and posted a 290 in practice yesterday.  Brooklyn has become a BoPo favorite and been the most consistent bowler on the team.  T-Square has been big in clutch situations and Gutterboy’s Mom’s still an all-star, the team is juts waiting on Bama to come to life.  When he does, look out.  I think he gets it going tonight.

Late Game of the Night

No Eye Deer (6-0) -1 vs Incredibowls (6-1): Ooh boy, I can’t believe Tush Christ hasn’t been all over the board for this one.  If NED keeps crushing pins and wins this one they have a pretty clear path to the inaugural B title game.  If the Incredibowls summon some of their past big game experience and win then the race is going to go down to the wire!  Incredibowls are the only team in B with a higher average than NED but as we’ve seen NED fears no one.  Donzarelli had a huge night a couple weeks ago in the Splits showdown, and Burt and Honey Bear seem to be good for at least a 200 a night each.  Even Disco Welder got back in the action and off the bottom of the stats page.  Spidey is a wildcard for Incredibowls, one of only two people I’ve seen roll an 800 series at Bayside, but also coming off a league 115 recently.  Boston is the emotional leader but he’ll need some solid scores to go with the rah rahs.  God of Thunder loves these moments and should have a strong night.  I think NED pulls it off, maybe one giant 4-1 game where they get a 750, then they hold on to edge them 8-7 in the rest.

Early Games

BILF (4-2) -5 vs Wrecking Balls (2-4): These teams used to be my go to teams for jokes about finding new, painful ways to lose.  Both have shaken that moniker for the most part.  BILF has had some huge wins this year, and Wrecking Balls have been losing in a more straightforward fashion.  BILF big in this one.

My Balls (3-3) -11 vs Three Livers (0-7): Well it’s been a disappointing season for My Balls to sit at 3-3, even though 2 of those losses were one point games.  They’ll take it out on the Livers.  Reminder to My Balls, you need 2 women with at least 11 games to be playoff eligible, right now Bubbles is your second highest girl with 4 games…start getting some games in!  Three Livers is not disappointed at 0-7 as they didn’t have many expectations in terms of wins and losses.  The Livers’ veterans Bernie and Pearl are an inspiration to me as a new dad having brought their kids in for bowling night so young (West makes his BoPo debut next week, though he’s already been to Bayside twice in 4 days out of the hospital.  Half his life, that’s a pace somewhere between Dick Du Jour and E-Minor).

ICBING (3-3) -5 vs Pinups (1-5): ICBING will win this one in spite of their utter disinterest in winning games.  They do have to look up in the party standings at someone this week for the first time, though it’s just a person and not a team, and just for one week.  The Pinups, well, I need some new material on the Pinups.  Manson has been strong, their old bowler Chunk is doing alright over on HHP.  I miss Hugh Manatee.

#1 Yahtzee (6-0) -3 vs Off Constantly (2-4):  Yahtzee keeps finding ways to win, and look like they should get to 7-0 here.  Tango is having a breakout season and is in mix for in-house bowler top dog, and Deputy has started to catch fire lately to give them the strong 3rd with Cheddar out.  Rotini has also been tearing it up even though she missed the all-star game.  OC has fallen a bit after a solid start.  Nuber has been strong in doubles but it hasn’t translated yet to BoPo.  They need Oz to come in and take over, with Bustah and all-star Honey Bunny having big games too, to have a shot in this one.  They will bring it, but I don’t think they have the firepower to keep up.

TH: Lesbowlians (4-2) -1 vs Lion’s Den (5-1): We’ve got a doozy for a Thursday guest game.  Lion’s Den has been a well-traveled team playing games at all kinds of times.  They also have won most of them, in the mix for the Thursday title at 5-1 at the halfway mark.  The Lesbowlians are also having a big season at 4-2, and a win here puts them right back in the mix.  They are only a few pins behind in team average, and Tilt-A-Whirl looked dominant as anchor in the all-star game so she’ll have some extra confidence.  I think she puts the team on her back for the upset.

Late Games

#4 Turkey Club (5-1) -13 vs Ball That (0-6): Oh my.  Buck is coming off the first ever BoPo 300.  Ball That is sitting at 0-6.  Samsquampch usually brings his A game against his former team, but Turkey Club is loaded.  I think this turns into an absolute drunk fest by 945, but by then it will probably be 10-0.

Sharks and Strikes (3-3) -1 vs Cape Fear (2-5): This, on the other hand, looks like a close one.  Cape Fear is getting big games weekly from South Paw and Soccer dad.  On the weeks North Paw shows up they are pretty competitive.  SOS may have had their confidence a little shaken in a blowout loss, but to be 3-3 their first season in Tuesday A is a pretty big accomplishment.  They need wins where they can get them, and this one gives them a chance to get back to a winning record.

S.O.D. (3-3) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (0-6):  0-6?  Weird.  General Lee is back from the Masters and looks to get his team in the win column.  They are still dangerous with he and LB.  SOD had a huge won last week, and are finally getting  a little dude production to help out Valley Gurl and McStriker.  They’re too deep to lose this one I think.

Splits Happen (5-2) -3 vs Budweisers (4-1): This is quietly a pretty big game as both teams are still in the hunt for at least a top 2 finish in B which gets you a playoff spot and a B opponent in the 1st round of the Big Dance.  Tinderella has been a beast for Splits, especially early.  Budweisers are also an early team, so this is out of their comfort zone.  They have a hard time powering down to play late.  If this were early I’d give them a better shot but on the burn I’ll take Xander’s crew by a few.

Strikes on Tap (3-4) -7 vs Whoomp (1-5):  A couple of new teams having different experiences.  Tap is about to get to .500 and have a nice average over 575.  Whoomp is struggling for wins in their transition from Wednesday nights.  That said both seem to be pretty psyched to be here and are enjoying their Tuesdays thoroughly.  BoPo is the best.






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