The Dog Days of February

Just past the halfway point.  Not much left to settle on Thursday A, Thursday B looks like it will be exciting down to the end.  Top 6 from A and top 2 from B get to skip Sunday shootout.  32 days until the PBA pro-am!

Well, they are lines.  They exist.  They can’t all be winners.

Game of the Night


BUI (4-2) -1 vs Spare of the Dog (4-1):  This one has been all over the smack boards.  Both teams are bringing the trash talking heat and I love it.  Spare will be without their Captain who is digging for treasures in the Florida Keys, but they have been heating up and sit at a very nice 4-1 record.  They’ve been getting 200’s from all over, with Yao leading the team.  BUI eneded up with three in the all star game, so they are ready to go to and are having an excellent season.  G-Unit and Snaphot are  a nice 1-2 punch on the board and the lanes, and Duke Thunderwood is the steady ace.  Hootie will be bowling all three tonight and her battles with Hexy and Animal could be the difference.  Drinks will be drunk.  Scores will be settled.

Early Games

DHD (6-0) -3 vs Bowlderdash (1-5): Bowlderdash finally broke through with a win last time after several tough losses.  DHD has had no such problem getting off to a perfect 6-0 start.  They even got some Rooftop Sessions time with Hark Attack being  a guest last week. Even Hark acknowledged the 6-0 start is kind of a surprise, but they look like favorites to get to 7-0 here and keep on track for a shot at the Thursday B title.  Bowlderdash would love to play spoiler.  Sweet Tamm gives them a shot.

Lovernauts (3-3) -13 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-6): Well Granola has rebounded nicely from their unfortunate forfeit.  They seem to be overcompensating even, bringing 8 or more players each game.  We’ll take it.  The Lovernauts need to run the table to have any shot of the title match, but if any Thursday B team can do it it’s them as they have the Division’s top average.  This one gets them started.

Roll Another (5-1) -1 vs Pinny Candy (5-2):  This game is sneaky good.  Both teams have excellent records, seemingly doing just enough to win but staying completely off the radar.  Pinny Candy needs it more with 2 losses already.  Roll Another dreaming big with the 5-1 start, and daydreaming of showing up in the B finals so the league will finally find out who guys like The Package and Uncle Buck are after 9 seasons in BoPo.

TDYOB (2-4) -5 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-5):  What the hell is TDYOB doing with an early game, while LOS plays late?  Has the world turned upside down?  I think ‘Smooth Jazz’ Farmer is out of the game, but Thunder is back.  Not sure if that means just a lean 4 player team or they bring back Dr. Honniker (playoff eligibility still an option for him).  T&T is becoming more about the dance party than the scores. Rubby’s gets frustrated with the losses, but it’s nothing a little booty shaking with Sad Julian can’t cure.  Jager shots galore in this one.

Late Games

Happy Hands Productions (3-4) -7 vs Bad News Spares (1-5):  HHP is an enigma.  They should be better than 3-4.  They’ve had some late losses that just got away from them, but also some inexplicable games.  Bad News Spares is still riding those 15 points from the Granola forfeit and would love to get a win on the lanes.  They have improved this year, but not enought o knock off a HHP team desperate for a win.

Fuckin Chuckits (4-2) -7 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-6):  Pud’s did take a team lesson with Jimy Clark a couple weeks back. They are working on improving and hoping to break through intot he win column.  FC Portland hasn’t been dominating anyone on the lanes so they could let it stay close, but they are doing serious work on the creativity and party fronts (laser shows, flags, vulva-zuelas).  Can’t wait to see what they bring tonight.

Leisure Rolls (2-4) -3 vs Guns of Brighton (1-5):  How the mighty have fallen!  These teams hat have typically been near the top of the standings find themselves in a cellar duel.  For the Rolls it will be time to adjust to post Tampon Santa life.  TS you will be missed.  On the lanes, that may help them get some rhythm however with one less bowler in the lineup.  GOB, well….GOB.  The team of mechanics can’t seem to get the gears turning and are staring down a 1-6 start.  Its time for a Holden Green explosion.

Young & Bowled 2 (6-1) -7 vs Cunning Linguists (3-4): Party PIT!  YB2 looks to keep cruising along in their great debut season.  Crackerjack is slaughtering the lanes and wants to thank all you early teams for not messing with the left side of the lanes!  The Linguists had an exhausting week last week with a strange doubleheader, and three nights for La Ga with the all-star game in there.  Gutterslut covered it on Rooftop Sessions.  Have a listen.  La Ga vs Mystery Powers is an interesting subplot in this one, but I don’t think the overall will be real close.

L.O.S. (7-0) -9 vs Bowled & Beautiful (2-4):  B&B has been bowling better lately, getting higher scores from Billy James and Mr. Mayor and Beaujolais.  They have given top teams a run in the playoffs before.  They do have Viking who can bowl with anyone.  Maybe…no, it’s not going to be close.  LOS is freight train right now.  They are motivated even though they are giant favorites the rest of the way, and though there’s a lot of bowling left they are still in line to become only the second ever undefeated BoPo champ, first at Bayside.  The train keeps rolling tonight.

Guacabowle (2-3) -3 vs UREA! (3-4):  UREA also had one of those weird doubleheader weeks last week.  Sorry guys.  This week it’s back to normal with just 1 game on Thursday, and a really fun matchup.  Everyone has a good time playing Guacabowle (unless you are a favorite in a playoff game against them).  I hear Cilantro brought a little smack this week, interesting.  Guac only has 5 games played so far due to a schedule quirk in the opposite direction.  They have a lot of bowling left and could make a serious run up the standings…as far as 3rd place, those top 2 teams are locked in.


4 thoughts on “The Dog Days of February

  1. I think you got smack confused with fact Automatic. I was talking fact. We will smoke you and whoever else is on your team!

  2. Psyched for the match a little pre game at 4 p.m. at Commercial Street Pub (shoutout to Shifter!!!) and then total annihilation of the party pit by T&T and TDYOB!

    I am on record on Twitter that we fear no one (Hot Sauce been shit talking me a month in advance of crossover) and this is true! We owe your asses sauce for a first round exist in 14! Bastards! We warm up with our friends at T&T tonight!

    Roll Bork!

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