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Game of the Week:


#3 Saucy Posse  (8-0) -1 vs #2 Yahtzee (8-0):  Back and forth on this one.  This appears to be a Nut Sauce night, but Nut Sauce zoomed in to get a game 3 in last week, may Master Splinter follow suit this evening in which is thus far the game of the year???  Hot Sauce has been a mouthy toolbag all season letting his team do the work for him on the lanes for the most part and this too may lead to Yahtzee coming in focused and fired up.  (this edit was added after Sauce shit on me on the smackboard)  There has been a lot of talk about Nut Sauce as MVP.  I’ve found that a hard argument to make for a part-time player.  Especially when someone like Tango has been logging the majority of his teams’ games with what was supposed to be their ace and captain Cheddar on the shelf, but I am starting to come around.

Saucy Posse went out and picked up essentially two pro bowlers (I think Master Splinter was on some junior national team with Sean Rash for god sakes) and these two pros have taken to BoPo like a fish in water.  Nut Sauce has been bringing the heat on the lanes (top ten avg on Tuesday) and is on pace to crush the female “Top Bitch” record (her words not mine), not to mention she is bringing an unbelievably strong smack game on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.  So in the year of Nut Sauce I am making Saucy Posse a slight favorite which is sure to rattle the cages and lead to an already amped up Yathzee hitting the lanes tonight.  Tango, Sparkles and Deputy have all made up for the absence of now their 4th best bowler of Cheddar.  The lowest avg among them is 189.4 and they have cranked out 24 200s.  La La and Rotini have been strong as well with great averages on the year.  This match will be an all out war.  I am giving the edge to Saucy because the brothers Sauce Walter and Hot Sauce routinely step up to the challenge as they did against BIB, and Beef and the rest of the Saucy crew have carried their weight and more to this point in the season.  Yathzee has the team avg advantage but something tells me SauPo pulls out all the stops in this one to negate that.  If you roll Thursday and haven’t made it in to catch a high powered Tuesday match with big scores, booze flying and a ton of energy tonight is the night baby!


Bingas (3-5) -13 vs Ball That (0-8):  Don’t have much to say on this one.  Ball That has had a rough year in Tuesday A and a lot of podcast members have been calling for bottom team in A each night to be relegated to B.  Their team average is south of three Tuesday B teams currently.  Bingas has 90 pins in average and are hungry to get back in the win column.  Samsquach’s crew will be ready to party down with Bingas who just broke into the party top 5 for the first time this year, but it would take incredible rolling by the BT crew to get this upset.

#6 BIB( 5-3) -5 vs Sharks and Strikes (5-3):  S&S crew called their shot against OC last week, but on paper those teams were evenly matched.  Oddly enough their smack hasn’t been as loud via Twitter heading into this one????  (#don’tpokethebear)  Bama has been having a rough season even trailing myself in average, you are welcome for saying that BIB because just on that alone he goes 700 tonight.  Brooklyn has been having a breakout season and GB has been his usual strong self coming off a nice run at MIST over the weekend.  GBM and T Square have been picking up points along the way.  Sharks are led by a guy that wasn’t supposed to be in the league and tried to get a banner by knocking one off the wall, but after him there is a fall off below the second and third bowler on BIB.  Roo is out injured, DDD has had a nice season but I don’t see him putting up three to hang with BIB’s big boys.  Kelly, WR, and BM have all been solid, but they will have to come up with some sort of hijinx to hang another loss on BIB.

Wrecking Balls (3-5) -10 over 3 Livers (0-8):  Olds School matchup; Wreck is coming off the upset of the year over NED and The Dude has been rolling hot since draft.  Bernie, Wilma and Flo have this squad doing what they always do enjoying the BoPo vibe and rolling balls at the pins.  They aren’t wasting a ton of money on equipment; they are more in to this for the dance party.  The Dude looks he probably dances like a Wooden Indian, that said still going Wrecking Balls in this one.

Splits Happen (6-3) -3 vs BILF (6-2):  Both these teams are still technically alive for Tuesday B crown.  I gotta go with the team with the 30 pin advantage and the ace as Tinderella has been crushing pins.  Major Danks is more likely than not still hung-over from the never to be released (thank God) podcast.  I see Splits getting by Danks’ game crew fairly easily, but BILF has been shocking some teams here and there and are having their best BoPo season to date.

#4 Turkey Club (6-1) -3 vs BEER (5-3):  Hard to predict who will be in attendance for BEER and they may be missing some big pieces.  I think those absences will be too much to overcome thus the wide line.  If I knew both teams had full squads I’d have the line closer.  Can Tommy Gunz keep up with friend and ride to the lanes Buck Ripcord?  E Minor is starting to hit his stride and Roadhouse is always game.  Herk has been using a 12# ball and averaging ten bottles of Bud a night.  Koops and Bora are no strangers to big matches.  Natro and Filthy will have to step up large tonight to make this a match, and Queen B will have to keep pace with the XXX Club ladies.  Great early game to watch.


SOD (4-4) -3 vs OC (2-6):  Another great matchup with great rivalries from the past.  SOD has stepped up their smack game on Twitter.  OC equated Twitter to MySpace over the weekend.  Busta, OZ, and #1 have all been putting up big scores lately, but all can’t seem to find it at the same time.  Hungus has been shitting on the male contingent of SOD all season and they are starting to turn it around.  The lady advantage gives SOD too much depth in this one.

Cape Fear (2-6) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-7):  Hazzard got their first win of the season sans LB and General Lee.  Cape Fear has been putting the time in on the lanes and then heading home and passing out on the floor.  These dudes rotate between bicep curls with dumbbells, 12 ounces and bowling balls.  Strikes have been a hard luck squad this season, but this one is evenly matched and could see either team coming out with the win.  Soccer Dad, North and South Paw are all capable of big scores and a couple of them going off same game could swing the match.  Can we get an f-ing bowl-off already?!!?!?!?!!?

Budwesiers (6-1) -10 vs Pinups (1-7):  Buds have been racking up big scores and are investing in practice time as well as they are more than still alive for a shot at Tuesday B, with a huge makeup game with NED looming.  I don’t expect them to let down their guard against the Pinups who have been ably led by Manson on the lanes this season.

Incredibowls (6-2) -15 vs Whoomp Spare it Is (1-7):  It has been a struggle for Whomp their first year in the league.  An average around .500 a podcast panel that cannot pronounce their name and now they play one of the big dogs of Tuesday B.  I expect God of Thunder, Spidey, and welcome to the 200 club Boston to show no mercy and go for all 15 as they look to keep pace in Tuesday B.

NED (7-1) -10 vs ICBING (4-4):  NED got shut the fuck up last week by Wrecking Balls.  Tush Christ felt Tush Christ didn’t need to show up and Tush Christ paid for that.  ICBING was dropped from the party top 5 on the never to be released podcast (we are going to sell it to only one buyer a la the latest Wu Tang album-bunch of douchebags, come on Wu!!!!) and that should be a little incentive for them.  But Peanut Gutter is on record not to care, they have about 8 people on the team and can never get their lines right and versus a top Tuesday team coming off a terrible loss I have ICBING pegged as the sacrificial lambs tonight.

7 thoughts on “Guest Lines From Dr. Thunder

  1. Sorry to My Balls and Strikes on Tap. Definitely not intentional. These take a ton of time got the gig last minute and tried to speed through them at lunch. Any consolation would have read like this:
    Strikes On Tap -1 vs My Balls: Hungus touted My Balls as a Tuesday B contender. What he failed to realize was that My Balls don’t practice and a ton of Tuesdsy B does. There has been an arms race in this league and WEJ while a God of a man with a 300 he is no Tinderella. The Cleaner just smashed a 267. Strike Tyson was in the #bangzone and lived to tell about it. Tequila Strikes lives up to her name. Not to mention these guys put the time in. Gonna be a long ride home for Barry and Bubbles. Shoutout to Big Red who I have known since the year 2000. How r ya?!?!?!

  2. I may be boisterous(mouthy toolbag), but will be the first to eat crow. Tremendous effort bleeds through on these lines. Well done thunder, keep on #thundering.

    1. You know I got nothing but love for ya, and was just giving you shit for giving me shit. Good luck tonight, can’t wait to watch!

      1. It is true I did Viper and Salmon that rando last Thursday, holy shit forgot about that.

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