Spring Is In The Air

So apparently in the fog of life I scheduled Pud’s vs Lovernauts to play last night.  They showed up and Lovernauts won 13-2, thanks for playing that game guys!  That leaves us with just 7 games tonight, 2 on Friday, and one of tonight’s games moved to next Friday.  Crazy.

Hey PBA is coming right up in case you forgot.  There are about 4 spots left in pro-am, and the list of players we have bowling with us is ridiculous.  Dick Allen, Norm Duke, Jesper Svennson, Danielle McEwan, EJ Tackett, Scott Norton, Pete Weber…the lost goes on and on.  Get in on it.  If you can’t do it, this year admission to come watch is free, but everyone kind of looks funny at the guy who just sits in the corner and watches.

Game of the Night

Spare of the Dog (6-1) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (4-4): Spare of the Dog is chowing down on lasagna tonight, just hoping they don’t get too fat and happy after their epic upset last week.  In fact this is a classic trap game situation against a Rolls team that is just starting to get their shit together.  I should pick the Rolls, but I’m falling for the Dogs.  At 6-1they actually have a shot to win the division if they keep stacking wins, but that’s a tough climb.  They are making a strong case for team of the year, so the wins are almost just a bonus.  Leisure Rolls did tweet some excellent pet smack today, and I think this is a real bowloff opportunity, but Yao Romo is too much Romo.

Early Games

#3 L.O.S. (8-1) -5 vs B.U.I. (4-4): Well L.O.S. got their lips bloodied a bit when Spare of the Dog held on to knock them off last week.  That’s one team LOS seems to struggle against.  It likely won’t make a difference to their positioning (unless Dogs run the table) and they’ll be back hungry this week.  Oh, did I mention they were missing Cheese?  B.U.I. is a good team but this is bad time to play L.O.S.  I don’t think it will be that close.  Shout out to Nugget for a couple 190’s even with the close miss.

Lesbowlians (4-4) – 11 Bad News Spares (1-7): The season has started to get away from Lesbowlians with their last win on Feb 4th, but they’ll turn it around this week.  This will be big for them as their final three games of the season are all tough matchups.  The Bad News Spares are still riding the forfeit win they got against Granola.  At least they won’t go winless.

Cunning Linguists (4-5) -3 vs Guns of Brighton (2-6): Both teams are coming off wins and hope to build a little momentum heading toward the playoffs.  GOB has pretty much punched their ticket to the Sunday shootout while Linguists have a shot to avoid it if they can win a couple of their last three.  Gutterslut’s been showing up in the 200 column pretty regularly again.  G.O.B. still waiting on Holden Green’s promised 300.

Late Games

UREA! (3-6) -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful (2-6): UREA! was part of league history last week in the first live streamed BoPo game, and it was an amazing game.  T-$ won an epic duel with Crackerjack 289-276, and almost pulled off the miracle losing 8-7 in the last frame.  They’ll be favorites this time.  T-$ is making a strong, late push up the leaderboard, and Automatic is putting up some big scores.  B&B is just biding their time, hanging out in the cellar, waiting to spring a big playoff upset.  They’ll just be the happy victims in this one.

#5 Y&B II (8-1) -11 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-7): Y&B were the victors in that historic live streamed game.  I have to acknowledge I doubted Glossy and Crackerjack when they started talking technology, but they proved me wrong, and I loved watching some BoPo while hanging with a baby at home.  Tattoos and Titties have been stuck in the Pit for weeks.  They’ll at least get to lose on a new pair tonight.

Bowlderdash (1-7) -1 vs Granola (0-8): Well there haven’t been a lot of wins for these two teams, but their combined total is going up by 1 this week.  Kid Loose will have his team fired up but he does have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 players (which makes that midseason forfeit even more inconceivable).  Bowlderdash will be favorites in two of their last 4 and are looking to surprise someone on Sunday April 10.



20 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. Double Cheese has been saying all season on the PodCast that BUI – is the dark horse…. well the Dark Horse just bit LOS’s in their collective assess. They can’t blame it on the Twin Towers not being there – they were both there – perhaps the sun got in the eyes, or the music was too loud, or there was too much oil, or not enough oil. All I know is that when I left there were crying in their drinks at the bar. Ahhh… life is grand.

    1. LOS, was a great match. A ton of really close points with everybody having some close call shots going both ways. Both teams stuck around after the match and pounded drinks which is what BOPO is all about. I look forward to havin a rematch during the playoffs

      1. We will bowl you guys any time, it was a fun night despite the loss. Great rolling tonight!

      2. Wow guys — way to piss on my smack talk – by being all polite and civilized.

  2. Spare of the Dog deserves more credit for their LOS win than “Cheese was missing”.

    According current to averages, LOS is statistically 5 pins better without him assuming Stiffy and Precious take his 2 games and everyone else rolls their fair two games.

    No Cheese: (141×2) + (166×2) + (170×2) + (187×3) + (211×3) = 2,148. or a 716 team avg. per game

    With Cheese: (141×2) + (166×2) + (170×2) + (187×2) + (211×2) + (192×2) = 2,134 or a 711.3 team avg. per game

    This post isn’t a slam on Cheese, as the same math could be said about many teams if their #2 bowler was out and their top guy and 3rd guy got the extra games.

    1. Statistically speaking LOS is better than any other team in the league.

      726.9 avg x 9 matches = 726.9 avg

      LOS is also undefeated when Cheese is present. You’re crazy if you honestly think any team would be better without him.

      This post isn’t a slam on your attempt at middle school math and weighted averages…just saying.

      1. I’m all mathed out for the afternoon from calculating T Squares lifetime ink consumption. But all your numbers are showing is that IF Precious bowls 3 games his average is higher than Cheese, and Mr Stiffly is really close behind Cheese too.

      2. Basically all it comes down to is:

        IF (Bowler 1 Avg – Bowler 2 Avg) > (Bowler 2 Avg – Bowler 3 Avg)
        THEN Team average without Bowler 2 is going to be higher than with them. It might statistically make the team better from an average standpoint but that doesn’t take into account individual player matchups which is completely dependent on the other team’s players.

        Essentially it’s a flawed statement because there are too many factors for it to be reliable, but I do agree that Spare of the Dog should get a lot of credit for their win.

      3. Spare of the Dog is the big time front runner for team of the year in my opinion. Not because of the win over LOS, but it certainly helps. But because I just had a crappy Burger King burger and thought to myself, man I could be having lasagna right now.

      1. It’s easiest to stream the game we are bowling in but we’ll try and move around as there are only three late matches.

      2. I’ll be heading over as soon as I get out of work. Probably going to mess around with Glossy streaming and me taking 1080p to upload to Youtube later. I’ll try to get a little bit of every match in case I feel ambitious enough to make a sportscenter recap later.

    1. Yeah, but we get to party and bowl our asses off tomorrow night. Forget them, they should come video Guac vs TDYOB under Friday night lights. I’m planning to recreate that Friday long ago I came and handed Thunder and SpaceFarmer’s balls them to get free bowling.

      Between our game and Lion’s Den, those poor saps who thought they were going on a date night at the bowling alley won’t know what hit them.

      1. “I’m planning to recreate that Friday long ago I came and handed Thunder and SpaceFarmer’s balls them to get free bowling.”

        Sneaky Pete whatever Ruby is trying to say here I can ensure you it isn’t sexual……..

        Ruby are you talking about practice?!?!?!?!?! Please, it is fucking on like donkey kong tomorrow night, we bringing the BOOM to Friday night!!!!!

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