Friday Is About To Get Weird

We’ve got two games tonight: loud, wild games.  Hopefully those two lane parties we have aren’t very old or very young.  We also have a pretty good concert at the lanes after the games that seems like it’s going to be very well attended, so feel free to stick around after. Or go home, or wherever.

Guacabowle (4-3) -3 vs TDYOB (3-5): Thunder has cut Spooky and Sneaky on the podcast more times than he’s mentioned banging other people’s wives.  Tonight he has to rely on both of them to roll 3 again as Smooth Jazz is still trolling phone booths in Australia.  Guacabowle is starting to round into shape and maybe take advantage of some of the upsets at the top of the Thursday standings.  Cilantro going to try out the Crux tonight, Salt N Peppa fired up, and Bonita and Sparetime getting in some BoPro-Am practice.  Guacabowle wins.

Lion’s Den (6-2) -1 vs DHD (7-1): Well we have a very important game lost in the madness of Friday matches.  Thursday B is a very tight race (stay tuned to this week’s podcast for an exciting announcement regarding B division) and this one goes a long way t deciding the winner.  DHD got their first loss last week but can solidify their hold on 1st by dispatching the party Lions.  Rick Vaughn’s team has been at the top of the party rankings for a few weeks now and don’t seem likely  to change anything just because the bowling stakes are higher.  It’ll be a clash in styles for sure.  Maybe, just maybe, we can finally get a bowloff!

6 thoughts on “Friday Is About To Get Weird

  1. God damn that was a fun ass night, that right there was a major endorsement for bringing Friday Night Lights back!


    1. Couldn’t agree more. I was complaining at beginning of season having been scheduled for 4 originally. Ended up with just 2 but wish we had 4. Sign up the Den for as many Friday nights as needed in future.

    2. I think my favorite strike of the night was when Thunder crushed all the pins and the yelled “DATE NIGHT!”

      1. You rolled hot as hell last night dawg. 167, 196, 225 588 no big deal in your 10-5 win.

        Date night consisted of Sneaky Pete helping me not pass out in my hangar steak at the Foreside Tavern (#slurcity) after rocking 3 and 4 with Guac!!!!!!!!



  2. I know it’s friday and + 50 degrees but let’s keep it consensual kiddos. No spookin’ the randos!

  3. That line is too big Dungus 8-7 either way, the Bork ladies will do their job and Munson and I are looking to crush pins, gonna be a gun night love the Guac!!!!! We owe them from last year when Sneaky helped them beat us!!!!

    Roll Bork!!!!

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