Throwback Tuesday

Wear em if you got em.  Break out your oldest BoPo jersey for this week’s games.  Sure the teams will look a jumbled mess but cool to see history on display, see how teams have formed, etc.

A quick note about playoffs eligibility.  A team need at least two women with 11 games to get into the playoffs.  Anyone without 11 games is not playoff eligible.  At this point it’s too late to qualify someone who has no games for your team, but if you have someone short on games start playing them now or they’ll be watching the playoffs from the bench.

Game of the Night

#6 Body English Endorsed by Rotogrip (6-3) -1 vs #5 Back in Black (6-3):  It’s a solid matchup, but it’s also game of the week by default.  There look to be a huge number of mismatches tonight.  BEER got a new R and some new gear this week.  They won’t be rolling new balls yet but look for some accessories at least.  They are coming off yet another 8-7 game, this time finally a narrow win.  Gunz and Hungus are still holding on above 200, and Slow Roll makes her return.  BIB tried the desperate maneuver of spreading lies about their playoff roster, and we played along even mentioning it on the podcast.  While it is true T-Square is gone, the Bama thing was a hoax, he’ll be there, and BIB will have a lean roster of 4 players for the playoffs with a really good look at BoPo’s first ever repeat.  This is a rematch of the 2013 Finals (9-1 BIB), and while the stakes are infinitely lower, BEER looks to exact a tiny bit of revenge.

Early Games

Sharks and Strikes (5-4) -7 vs Ball That (0-9): The Sharks have made a big impression in their first BoPo season.  Tons of merch, a sponsorship, bowling ball long toss, smack for days, and igniting the twitter wars.  Now they hope to avoid playing in the Sunday Shootout by finishing in the top half of A.  Ball That remembers the heady days of their first season last year.  Now they are in a Sophomore slump 0-9 and running out of time to avoid going winless.  They’ll dig in and fight but it’s going to be tough.

Turkey Club (6-2) -7 vs Off Constantly (2-7): The Club lost a nailbiter last week, their first non- Ripcord-falling-on-his-face loss.  The wigs may not have been right for them, though the E-Minor as sad clown look is a sight no one will be able to remove from their memory.-1

visual approximation

OC is hurtling toward the Sunday Shootout and perhaps a franchise record in losses.  Apparently 660 averages aren’t good enough on Tuesday this year.  They’ll still get themselves ready to upset someone in the 1st round come playoff time.  It will be curious to see what Nuber does wit this bunch come 2017.

Incredibowls (7-2) -3 vs My Balls (4-5):  No team was more excited about the expanded B playoff announcement than Incredibowls.  It was Boston who initially wanted a separate B tournament in the first place.  My Balls are a year too late having had their dominant season last year.  I wouldn’t think this game would be close but both Tuesday B guests on the podcast thought it would be, predicting big nights from Wej and Barry Violet.  They focused their smack on each other (and Bama, surprisingly).  Anyway, Incredibowls have new life and a ton on the line so unless Wej uncorks another wasted, house ball 300 I think they get the win.

BILF (6-3) -7 vs Whoomp (1-8): BILF is one of those teams with a ton of players under 11 games.  With a relatively easy matchup it will be interesting to see who they roll, and if they start working toward playoff eligibility for a few folks.  They paid the price for all the roster turmoil last week when the regulars all returned at once and promptly ended their winning streak.  They still have an outside look at the B playoffs though.  Whoomp got a win, and that may be the highlight of season 1 back int he league for them.  They’ve been a good team, having fun relatively anonymously.  They’d love to ruin BILFs dreams, but that is highly unlikely.

ICBING (4-5) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (4-5): Three weeks left for ICBING to restate their claim on party dominance.  Maybe part of being a former Team of the Year is wanting to share the wealth with everyone so they are happy to see a new team win.  Maybe they just set the bar too high to maintain, maybe they flew too close to the sun.  Wrecking Balls are on a surprise 2 game win streak as The Dude keeps polishing up his game for the big leap to A.

Splits Happen (7-3) -11 vs Three Livers (0-9): And this is the last early game, meaning I don’t see a close matchup in the bunch.  Xander’s Splits are hungry.  Just check out the new podcast, they play on a mission to win and move up the ladder.  Tinderalla dropping 200s all the time doesn’t hurt in that pursuit.  Splits have a last week bye so they want to put themsleves in a position to at least root against someone to lose and get themselves a B playoff berth.  Three Livers has run out of time to bring back that Larry guy, so they’ll just be rolling what they have.  Wilma and Bernie will try to anchor them but looks like 0-10 coming up.  They’re bringing M&Ms to a Cupcake fight…

Late Games

Bingas (4-5) -7 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-8): Oh my, another game that looks ugly on paper.  Neither team is where they thought they’d be in the standings, but Binga’s 4-5 record still gives them a look at missing the shootout, while Hazzard’s 1-8 run is just a mind boggling result.  Hazzard has the #6 and #8 bowlers int he whole league.  Their girls aren’t bad bowlers and Uncle Jesse, Luke and Flash all have a history of getting a few big games.  They are definitely not a team you want to draw int he first round.  Binga’s will spend the next three weeks getting back to their roots, spending some quality time in the stood, soaking up every last BoPo party the way we all should.  Only three games left for most teams.  Enjoy them!

No Eye Deer (8-1) -9 vs Pinups (1-8):  Hey look another mismatch.  Burt the Bandit dropped some serious NED history on us in a Bissel fueled podcast.  We all would have loved to see them running around with the banner around their neck.  This could be NED’s own banner year as they hurtle toward the first ever B Cup.  The Pinups seem feistier than their 1-8 record. They’ll try to remind themselves that the Wrecking Balls pulled it off so maybe they can too.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win again, but not here.    This will be a blowout followed by some serious drunk biking.

-2Burt the Bandit around 1130 tonight

#2 Saucy Posse (8-1) -3 vs Cape Fear (3-6): Well SauPo didn’t really show up for their big Yahtzee showdown, but they’ll learn from it.  This is their first year in the top echelon and they are still getting used to the rarefied air.  Now they’ll work on holding on to the 2 seed and seeing if Master Splinter can catch up with Crackerjack and Ripcord for Top Dog.  It would be fitting since his special lady looks to have Top Bitch wrapped up.  Despite their name, Cape Fear isn’t afraid of playing top teams.  They are becoming Tuesday A veterans and will come into this game thinking they can win.  They get extremely long practice session in every Sunday, they have a ton of 200’s, they have a power lefty.  They are dangerous, but I think SauPo may have gotten a wakeup call last week and dome out firing.

Budweisers (7-1) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (5-4):  On March 12, 1958 the Budweisers bowling team set a record with a team score of 3858 pins at Floriss Lanes in St. Louis, a 771 average per player (5 man team).  That record was just broken this week.  Tonight the new-look (no Don Carter or Dick Weber anymore, but they do have Pickup Truck now) Budweisers try to get it back!  Strikes on Tap will have huge fans in BILF, Incredibowls and Splits Happen hoping they knock off the Buds and throw the playoff race into chaos.

#1 Yahtzee (8-0) -3 vs Sons of Danarchy (5-4):  Well that was easier than expected.  Yahztee won the battle of undefeateds last week, and won it in 2 games.  Tango killed it per usual.  Now they’ll be favored the rest of the way as they try to go 17-0, the first undefeated champion since 2009 Bingas.  SOD won’t back down though and they are not a pushover.  valley Gurl and McStriker have been having excellent seasons and The Dentist has been heating up too.  This game is late, scores will be a little lower…SOD could stick around.  I wouldn’t bet against Yahtzee but think this game may be a little coser than last week’s win.




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