Throwback Week Take Two

We got a great selection of old jerseys worn on Tuesday.  Who knew so many people used to play for Bingas?  Anyway, a lot of newer teams on Thursday but still wear your oldest BoPo jersey if you have any.  Also, RamRod is doing picture night if you think you have what it takes to be a BoPo calendar model.

Game of the Night


Lovernauts (6-3) -3 vs Fuckin Chuckits (6-2): Huge couple days for the Chuckits with Lovernauts tonight and Roll Another on Friday.  Lou Dawg during March Madness is like a toddler on pixie sticks so his energy should be infectious, but he’ll also be distracted.  As will Ram Rod who is organizing class photo night, and Oolie is daydreaming of Tuetonic bicycle kicks.  The Lovernauts should be rehuvenated by the news of the B playoff expansion, and they’ve been on a roll since a 3-3 start.  I think they win this as part of an epic comeback in the standings and eventually gain a top 2 spot.  And a Slugga shall lead them.

Early Games

Pinny Candy (6-3) -1 vs Lesbowlians (4-5): I’ve been picking the Lesbowlians to win and Pinny Candy to lose, but here we are in mid March and the Candies have a shot at the playoffs while the Lesbowlians were just shocked by the Bad News Spares.  Clearly I don’t know what’s happening here.  Keglinger has been an excellent pickup by Lesbowlians and teamed with Tilt-A-Whirl should be getting them more wins, while Pinny Candy’s scores don’t seem too impressive but they keep doing enough to win.  Coin toss?  Better yet, bowloff???

Spare of the Dog (6-2) -3 vs Guns of Brighton (3-6): Spare of the Dogs doesn’t like it when you pay attention to their bowling.   How many times do they need to explain this?  So a week after knocking off LOS the focus on them got too intense and they tanked to a 14-1 loss to Leisure Rolls.  Now that everyone is busy talking about new stuff they’ll happily get back to winning.  GOB has actually won two in a row after a rough start, but that run should end here.

Guacabowle (5-3) -1 vs BUI (5-4):  These are two of the more mercurial teams of Thursday A.  Neither of them are consistent enough to win the division, but both are more than capable of knocking off the big dogs, most recently evidenced by BUI’s big takedown of the division leader.  Guacabowle has a history of big playoff upsets, but this year they probably won’t be an underdog, they certainly won’t sneak up on people.  These are two serious bracket busters come April.

Cunning Linguists (4-6) -3 vs Bowled and Beautiful (2-7): Both teams seem destined for the Sunday shootout.  B&B is used to it, but for the Linguists it’s a precipitous drop from last year’s big run to the division title.  The game features a couple of the league’s consistent all-stars in Viking and La Gatita, and a lot of players capable of 200’s.  Maybe this is the surpirse shootout of the night played in the 700’s.  I’ll take Gutterslut to have one his out-of-the-blue giant nights with a  250+ mixed in there to make the difference.

Late Games

DHD (7-2) -7 vs Pud’s Taxi (1-8): DHD has bowled their best in the last two weeks but that didn’t prvent them from picking up their first two losses.  Luckily for them a 7-0 start gives a team a little bit of a cushion, and a win here gets them right back in the mix for a B playoff spot.  Pud’s keeps popping up on the podcast – they are making strides this year.  They had a team lesson, folks have seen them up in Lewiston getting balls drilled.  Pud’s is a team to watch develop in 2017, but for tonight DHD rights their ship with a big win.

Leisure Rolls (5-4) -3 vs Tatts and Tits (1-8): Well, The Rolls are 3-0 in the post-Santa era.  Could be the smaller lineup, could be the 18-20 fewer shots.  That said they’d probably trade those wins to have Santa back around (and it seems he is in the pro-am, with his dad?!).  T&T are piling up losses but they seem to be less and less frustrated with losses as the season progresses.  That’s pretty cool.  Sad Julian is also making an online appeal to win in G-Unit’s best name bracket.  Good luck, Sad.

#4 L.O.S. (8-2) -3 vs UREA (4-6): Well L.O.S. is very unusual territory having lost two in a row.  They will attempt to get back on track this week, and have prepared by getting back to basics – a team dinner.  They should feel a bit looser going into this one.  UREA! was right there with A leader YB2 a couple weeks ago and they’ll need the same kind of performance to hang with the 2014 champs.  They’ve proven they can do it, and L.O.S. certainly won’t be taking them lightly.  Probably key for them to have a really fast start.

Happy Hands (5-4) -11 vs Granola Bowlahs (1-8): I think Marv Gomez should have been in the name tourney, but HHP’s Lance Cocksure is in and definitely could make some noise.  His teammates should be able to make some noise on the lanes, too, and pick up another win.  Granola will have to start making some roster decisions about playoff eligibility really soon.  Only players with 11 games will be able to hit the lanes in the Sunday Shootout.  Of course their Sunday opponent will be someone like Binga’s so not sure it makes too big a difference…long live Granola!

Roll Another (7-1) -11 vs Bad News Spares (2-7):  The BNS win over LEsbowlians last week was the second most shocking B upset this season (after shorthanded Wrecking Balls beating NED).  They will try to get what i assume is a franchise record 3rd win in this one, but it’s going to be tough.  Roll Another can taste the B playoffs and shouldn’t have a letdown here, unless of course they are looking ahead to tomorrow’s match with the Chuckits.  Oh, and Burn Unit is a man, man.

Lion’s Den (7-2) -3 vs Bolwderdash (2-7):  This one feels funny, like maybe an upset, or at least a really close game.  B-Dash has been putting up some better scores, and Lion’s Den is probably not even used to Thursday’s anymore.  They probably can’t afford another loss if they want to make the B playoffs, so I think in the end they find a way to pull it off, but in a much closer game than they expect.



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