Crossover Numero Dos

Well Thursday impressed on Tuesday somehow coming away with 5 wins, including Granola getting their first ever win.  The top tier Tuesday B teams handled the Thursday B teams leaving the door open a bit for Lovernauts and DHD. Tonight Thursday’s top record plays Tuesday’s top record in the YB2 vs Yahtzee game, should be a good one.

Game of the Night


#1 Yahztee (9-0) -3 vs #3 Y&B II (9-1): Well here we go.  Yahtzee takes that unblemished record to Thursday to battle the Thursday A leader.  They’ve had several close calls but won them all.  Tango has been stating a strong case for MVB, Sparkles has been bowling really well (when he can stand up) and they’ve gotten contributions from everyone. Last week Rotini’s big finish held off SOD’s best effort.  Oh yeah, and Cheddar’s back.  Y&B II has been led by Crackerjack who looks like he’ll ride the left side all the way to Top Dog, and could get in the MVB discussion with a big win over Tango.  Glossy Mexican has also been excellent in his BoPo debut putting up monster scores between tech experiments.  If they want to beat the other top teams it will come down to the other folks.  Mystery Powers can hang with Lal/Rotini, so they need help in the 3rd guy spot – looking at you Pistol Pete!  Right now I think Deputy/Cheddar is a much stronger #3 than Pistol/Senator/Shifter, so I’m giving the edge to Yahtzee.

Early Games

Turkey Club (7-2) -7 vs Spare of the Dog (7-2):  This is a rivalry that has been dominated by Turkey Club in terms of bowling, and I don’t see that changing.  The real action in this matchup is usually off the lanes.  These teams often have pregame drinking contests and such and that’s where Spare of the Dog shines.  Maybe if it’s a Manhattan slamming contest tonight they can get Bucky to Ripcord and sneak out a win, pretty sure Jewdy could throw back two or three and not even blink.

Three Livers (0-10) -1 vs Bad News Spares (2-8):  After Granola’s huge upset on Tuesday, Three Livers is the last winless team out there.  Bad News Spares has been bowling better and are spending a decent amount of time on the lanes, I just feel like  things are breaking the way of the winless this week.  Bernie and Wilma rally the team for their first victory and it feels so nice.

Pinups (1-9) -3 vs Pud’s (1-9): Both teams have identical records but the Pinups do have a nearly 75 pin advantage in team average.  Manson has been leading the Pinups all year to decent scores but ultimately, more losses.  Pud’s is building toward 2017 with their team getting equipment, lessons and practice time.  This could be pretty close, but  I’m siding with the higher average.

DHD (8-2) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (6-4):  Strikes on Tap actually has the higher average in this one, and they’ve been on a roll.  DHD snapped their 2 game losing streak last week even with most of their team gone.  With Roll Another’s loss Tuesday they can sense an opening at the top and they should have their team back together as they try to seize it.  Lot’s of B teams will be watching this one with intently.

N.E.D. (9-1) -3 vs Happy Hands Productions (6-4): Happy Hands is locked into the Sunday Shootout this year, but they’re a proud franchise with plenty of past success under their belt and they’d love to knock the brash newcomers down a peg.  N.E.D. can be the first team to clinch a B playoff spot with a win, and while they have bigger goals than that they certainly look forward to popping some corks after a victory in a road game.  Thursday, meet Tush Christ.

Late Game

Lovernauts (7-3) -1 vs Budweisers (7-2):  This is a huge game in the standings.  The Lovernauts dug a big hole in the beginning of the year but have won 4 in a row to climb back in the race.  With division leader Roll Another on the schedule for the final week, they pretty much control their fate.  Win out and they should make the B playoffs.  The Budweisers have a brutal final 3 games – Lovernauts, N.E.D., Incredibowls.  They’ve got to win at least two of them.  They’ve proved me wrong before when I just assumed they’d struggle in late games, but since I’m splitting hairs choosing a winner in this one I’ll let the time be the difference.

Sharks and Strikes (5-5) -7 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-9): The Sharks load up the merch trailer to visit Thursday, Railroad’s old stomping grounds.  They took one on the chin against Ball That last week but look to right the ship on the road.  T&T skyrocketed up the party ranking last week using the following formula: (Rubbys x car bomb) = (Ripcord x Manhattan)+ 6(red bull).  He rode Hard Knox around but couldn’t get the win. Can the Rubby’s energy train and the Train Conductor derail Railroad’s killing machines?

-1Rubbys on Railroad

Cape Fear (3-7) -1 vs Guns of Brighton (3-7): Yet another matchup of teams with the same record.  As for Cape Fear, I don’t understand why they lose so much.  They put up tons of 200’s, practice a lot, have a pretty tight team.  The Southpaw and Soccer Dad combo is pretty nasty.  G.O.B. knew things would be difficult this year when they lost two perennial all-stars in Mr. Pickles and Railroad.  That’s impossible to recover from quickly.  They have started to get some wins lately though and are feeling better about themselves.  This game has a strong likelihood of bowloff.

Bowlderdash (2-8) -3 vs Whoomp (1-9): Speaking of bowloffs, Bowlderdash produced one, the first of the season, last week.  Ultimatley Sweet Tamm couldn’t close down the Lion’s Den and Bowlderdash just missed out on a big upset victory.  They should be able to close the deal and get a win this week.  Whoomp is originally a Wednesday team and they play on Tuesdays, so let’s see how Thursday affects them.  If you’re a Thursday team that’s never seen Tootsie’s almost impossibly slow ball, take a look at it tonight, it’s fascinating.



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  1. Hungus, crushing the lines per usual! First fixing the trampstamp oops I mean time stamps and now look at the use of those staples on shifters leg oops i mean shiny jpegs.

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