Is It…Is It A Tuesday?

Yep, one last league night pre-PBA (plus the NED vs Budweisers game Wednesday night at 8).  First a couple quick things on PBA weekend.

  • BoPro Am participants – doors open at 6 with free buffet dinner.  For spectators doors open at 645.
  • Saturday tailgate at 8am…Peanut Gutter organizing, Gatch bartending (extremely cheap drinks), Bayside sending out a bunch of breakfast sandwiches and tots
  • Inside will be SIGNIFICANTLY more crowded this year…please just be considerate of folks around you.  Enjoy the scene, cheer the bowlers on, and don’t spill your drinks THANKS
  • Very important: Don’t reach out over the lanes, you will be removed from the crowd and banished to the bar area
  • This year we have green cups.  Hold on to them.  At the bar you’ll pay $1 for the cup on top of the price of your beer, so if you bring your cup back that’s $1 less per beer for you, solid

Ok, lines.  Gonna be short and sweet, I have a few things going on.  Lotta ins, lotta outs.


Co-Games of The Night

LATE: Turkey Club (7-3) -1 vs Saucy Posse (10-1):  Wow this snuck up on me.  Turkey Club did not live up to my preseason undefeated prediction, though they are undefeated with a present (and non-birthday) Buck Ripcord.  They are definitely a contender.  SauPo has had a charmed run, getting big scores at the right times, dominating on twitter, successfully incorporating new Sauces…but I think they lose this one if Ripcord’s around.  If they do win then they become Club fans on Monday, hoping Club beats Yahtzee to hand them the division title.

EARLY: Incredibowls (9-2) -1 vs Budwesiers (8-2): This is a huge game!  The Incredibowls wrap up a B playoff spot with a win, and are eliminated with a loss.  The Budweisers can’t clinch a spot, but a loss eliminates them. Splits Happen even figures in, as they are eliminated with an Incredibowls win.  Tons on the line for these teams, going to be fun.

Early Games

BIB (7-3) -3 vs Cape Fear (4-7): G Boi trying to start the same rumor he already show down earlier about Bama being gone for the tourney.  DO NOT TRUST THAT GUY! Cape Fear had 5 200s last week, they could surprise even a full rostered BIB.

Yahtzee (9-1) -5 vs Sharks and Strikes (6-5): Yahztee got that first loss and now can just focus on bowling again, and kicking the asses of their sister team.  The Twitterverse will be an epic war of words and gifs, but Yahztee’s too good at bowling.  For you fashionistas out there, I hear it’s Tango night.

My Balls (5-6) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (5-6): Not so much on the line for this one, except some sibling rivalry stuff.  Both teams are fighting for the coveted Tuesday B7 spot.  The Wrecking Balls lost in 2 to the winless Granola Bowlahs last week.  Of course they also gave NED it’s only loss.

Pinups (2-9) -3 vs Whoomp (2-9): The battle for 10th!  Both teams are coming off crossover wins, with Pinup Manson getting a solid 200+ game in.  I’ll take the Pinups to ride into the Sunday Shootout on a 2 game win streak.

Late Games

SOD (5-6) -5 vs Ball That (1-10):  SOD is going to need to win and get a lot of help to avoid the Sunday Shootout.  Ball That is going to need to win and get some help to avoid getting last place.  The Dentist has been heating up…

OC (3-8) -1 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-10): No idea how General Lee and LB Davenport could be sitting at 1-10.  Some favorite is going to get a bummer of a first round draw.  OC can make some playoff noise too, despite their record, with a lot of Oz and Honey Bunny.

Strikes on Tap (7-4) -5 vs ICBING (4-6): Tap went to Thursday and threw their playoff race into chaos.  ICBING is working on other things right now.  They’ll make their final push for Party Team of the Year at the special Monday Night BoPo – can’t wait to see what they have in store.

BILF (7-4) -11 vs Three Livers (1-10): BILF clinched a top 6 spot, which guarantees them a Thursday B opponent for the Sunday Shootout.  Three Livers clinched a win last week, their first of the year (and still wrapped up the Tuesday B 12 spot).  With little on the line, let the Bernie vs Danks smack begin.

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