Thursday Guest Lines

Thunder took a stab at handicapping this bizarre league Monday of PBA week.

PBA weekend has not stopped it rolls right through Wednesday as the Maine PBA Shootout gets underway tomorrow at 9 a.m.  Admission is free the next two days if folks would like to swing in and catch the action.  Tonight at 6:00 p.m. first round opponents will be decided for the Shootout so feel free to take that in then around 7 p.m. there will be 6 BoPo matches for you to cheer, heckle, pass the buck on.  No game of the night so without further ado let’s get to the lines.

Guacbowle (5-5) -1 vs Spare of the Dogs (8-2):  Both of these team are giant killers the average actually favors Guac.  I actually am giving the edge to Guac because I hung out with members of both teams this weekend and Gauc has the only dude members that I am certain are still alive.  Sparetime, Cilantro, and Salt N Peppa have all had strong seasons and have put up big games.  I give the edge to Ruby and Bonita as Mona and Hootie have to be absolutely exhausted.  All Dog boys are most likely suffering from liver failure save for Yao.  Probie has to still be sleeping on the ground somewhere, Bombpop cannot yet be sober, and Jewdy is probably still barking up a bigger dog’s tree while Yao goes around chasing them all by the tail trying to keep them under control.  Hungus may want to rethink last call tonight as Probie’s direct quote was, “The party will go on right up until last call!”  Hide your cats!

Y&B2 (10-1) -5 vs TDYOB (3-7):  Y&B2 wraps up a Thursday A title with a win and Crackerjack has a shot at MVB and will be looking to close out strong.  These teams won Team of the Year together last year and are earmarked for the party pit this evening.  No pressure.  Thunder has to still be drunk from Thursday where he took not defending his “PBA Title” extremely hard.  Farmer has sniffed enough jocks to last him until next PBA weekend.  Spooky and Sneaky debut new Master Splinter balls, and Munson is hurrying back from Philly.  Senator ITZ still has a craw in his jaw from the firing they received from TDYOB at the end of the season as does Shifter and Pete.  Shifter coming off his own PBA title, and Pistol Pete went near 250 his last time out.  The female Farmer Mo $ is still trying to find her roll, and Mystery Powers has been a force all season long.  Glossy Mexican is an ace on almost every other team.  All signs point to a Y&B2 blowout but word on the street is TDYOB might be bringing in a ringer on the night?

BEER (7-4) -1 vs Bingas (6-5):  Their annual dance party gets underway tonight.  Bingas needs a win to stay out of the Sunday Shootout.  This would make for an epic bowloff.  It will be interesting to see how much these teams have left as the vast majority of both rosters either worked, partied or did both very hard since Thursday night.  Expect DJ Mosart 212 to be dropping a lot of reggae tonight as there two teams duke it out.  Their battles are usually epic, with shots crushed and big scores aplenty.  So grab your dollars and pass to the buck as winning becomes very secondary tonight.  Both Jerk and Hungus will be playing in the Shootout tomorrow so wonder if they are on the mild side tonight?

BIB (8-3) pick em LOS (9-2):  #Copout.  Sorry cannot pick this one after going back and forth.  If I picked a game of the night this would be it.  LOS has a 716 avg, BIB a 715.  If you believe Gutterboy this is Bama’s last game of the season.  You know LOS is showing up to win and so is BIB.  This will be an epic battle.  Expect huge scores in this one.  The only intrigue here is if Shithawk gets a game?????

Yathzee (10-1) -1 vs XXX Club (7-4):  Grudge match.  Tango left XXX Club for greener pastures, and XXX Club brought in Buck Ripcord who is gearing up for tomorrow’s shootout.  I expect a dialed in Ripcord, and a continued dialed in Tango who has seen his grip on MVB loosen a little here at the end of the season.  Cheddar and Sparkles have been in pro heaven taking more pictures with pros than about anyone else in the league.  Deputy is still sore he could never get that Superman chant off the ground for Marshall Kent.  LaLa was incredibly strong again with the fatheads, she and Rotini have the edge of Bora and Koops, although Koops may have found her stroke winning a PBA title.  This is another all out war with neither team wanting to lose.

FC Portland (7-4) -5 vs ICBING (4-7):  Peanut Gutter and Clarified showed strong work once again this PBA weekend, but they seem to be understaffed for this Monday night.  Fabio is at the Masters and it isn’t exactly clear who else will be in attendance for them as Rocky is out to see.  So it is most likely 2 Dogs, Peanut and their three ladies.  FC had another man show strong PBA weekend in Ramrod who also most likely has a dead liver.  He is coming off a big 217 in his last practice session before the PBA arrived.  Oolie is their ace but he logged long hours this weekend as well.  This should be a fun match between two top 6 party teams as they wrap in the year in party team fashion!

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  1. Glad the late night candlepin didn’t ruin everything. Ridiculous times were had, and still going.

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