Six days to glory

Marching right along now to the sweet 16.  Should be some really solid games.  Remember to enjoy the moment and have fun, especially since for 8 teams this is the last game of the year!

Early Games

L.O.S. (10-3) -3 vs S.O.D. (8-5): This game got moved around a little due to player absences, but in the end three LOSers not being able to attend a late match outweighed the one SODer not being able to play early.   So SOD will play without Dwayne Luther, which actually means more games for their higher average guys so it may work out to their advantage (even though DL brings a great, positive energy and occasional monster games).  The Dentist and Valley Girl have both been killing it, and they’ll need to keep doing that to keep up with Nugget and the Towers.  Plus Diesel will have to recapture his championship form and McStriker may need to throw a 200 in the mix.  It’s a tough task.  LOS just wears you down with four players all throwing solid games.  SOD will bring the energy, but LOS should emerge with the win. LOS 9-6

BEER (9-4) -1 vs Guacabowle (8-5): This is a rematch of last year’s 2nd round, a game BEER escaped with an 8-7 win, and this one looks close again.  Guacabowle seems to be getting their mojo back in the second half of the year and cruised through OC 9-1 in the first round.  Cilantro typically throws one giant game, and Sparetime and Salt N Pepper are providing the steady scores.  BEER may have lost Natro again, but this year they have Tom E Gunz as a pretty awesome insurance policy.  The Gunz/Hungus combo should be able to put up some points, and Brandy and Slow Roll match up well with Bonita.  Filthy McNasty pushes them over the top in this one and on to the quarterfinals.  BEER 8-7

Bingas (9-5) -5 vs Budweisers (11-3): The Buds pulled off a giant upset in round one, knocking off the #4 seed Spare of the Dog and joining their Tuesday B brethren NED and Incredibowls in the Sweet 16.  Can the run continue?  It’s been remarkable so far as they needed a bowloff win to even escape the Sunday Shootout.  Binga’s knows all about using close early round wins to catapult to long runs.  Last year they needed a miracle finish in the first round just to get by Granola Bowlahs, but then went on a run all the way to the Finals.  This year they came out stronger in dispatching a very solid UREA squad.  They need to be focused and ready for these underdogs, though.  I think they may give up a couple points early but ultimately will settle in and advance. Bingas 10-5

XXX Club (9-4) -5 vs Strikes of Hazzard (4-10): Well the Hazzard talent finally made them that dangerous team we all agreed no one would want to get in the 1st round.  They surprised the unlucky Leisure Rolls whose move up the standings got them a tough draw.  Hazzard will be gunning for a much bigger upset this time out against one of the elite teams, T-Club.  Roadhouse has a championship level team on his hands and Buck Ripcord sounds committed to making a run through the playoffs.  He can’t beet Genral Lee and LB alone, but Roadhouse and E-Minor are no slouches, and Herk is one of the best energy guys out there.  Bora will try to hold off Candy Dix for crucial points as she returns from Central America.  Hazzard’s no pushover, but The Club is too strong. Club 10-5.

Late Games

Yahtzee (11-2) -3 vs Sharks and Strikes (9-5):  The Sharks have been dreaming about this matchup all year.  Deputy and Sparkles are essentially honorary members of the team anyway.  Shots will be flying, merch will be showcased, balls will be hurtling down lanes (not in the air, Railroad).  Dick Du Jour and Railroad gained some confidence witha  2v2 win over Tango last week, now they face him with a banner on the line.  I think it will be close, but Yahtzee is extremely deep, and Rotini is bowling as well as any woman in the league right now.  I’ll take Yahtzee to win and set up an intriguing showdown with LOS in the quarters. Yahtzee 9-6

Saucy Posse (13-1) -6 vs Incredibowls (11-3):  SauPo got their first taste of life a playoff favorite last week.  They were actually losing 4-1 to the lovernuats heading into the 8th frame of game 1 before turning on the jets and winning 5-0 and cruising to a 2 game win.  Hot Sauce picked up the whole squad with a tremendous 244 when they needed him most.  Now they should get Master Splinter back and just get stronger as they advance.  The Incredibowls almost made the B finals with 3 players, but at least they avenged that loss with a big win in the 1st round.  They’ll have the whole teams, but Spidey and God of Thunder would have to have career nights to knock off the overall #1 seed.  Something tells me they’re looking forward to the challenge, and they are certainly a team that never feels intimidated.  The crowd loves an underdog, but I can’t see them pushing this to game 3. SauPo 8-2

Young & Bowled 2 (13-1) -6 vs No Eye Deer (11-3): Like the Incredibowls, NED lost their B playoff game before roaring back for a revenge win in the playoffs last week.  Also like Incredibowls, they will be battling a division A winner with a stellar record.  NED will roll in full of swagger for an underdog, but swagger only takes you so far when the pins are being tallied.  Crackerjack continues his tear through BoPo with no end in sight.  Glossy Mexican is a great #2 and they look to have more than enough solid players to push through this contest.  NED will make a lot of noise early, and if they could get any momentum they’ll make it interesting, but I think YB2 methodically advances to the quarters.  YB2 8-2.

BUI (8-5) -5 B.I.B. (10-3): Well here’s the interesting one.  BIB is trying to become the first ever repeat champion, but this is also supposed to be the week they only have three players.  I’m buying the story.  They have a good three, and Gutterboy, Brooklyn and Gutterboy’s Mom can definitely grab a few points, but BUI is too solid to lose to any three player team.  Duke Thunderwood has been great again this season, and G-Unit and Snapshot will score some points.  Animal looked great in practice this week too.  If Bama shows up somehow I switch my vote to 9-6 BIB.  But otherwise, I have BUI winning 10-5.






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