BoPo X

Are you kidding me? We are about to start on the journey to BoPo X!  As always our season kicks off with Draft League (the three other majors are BoPo, doubles and King/Queenshit).

Draft is August 23rd, season starts August 25th.

I’ve updated the history page with last year’s champions plus the new highest average ever for both men (Crackerjack) and women (Nut Sauce).  Time to dust off your balls and do it all over again, folks, a new season is nigh.

Oh, one little thing.  We’ll have a giant new addition done before the BoPo season starts.  That’s cool.  And did I mention it’s season X?!?!?!  That means all kinds of big surprises.  I know it keeps getting harder and harder to follow through on this promise, but this seaosn will be the best yet.  Book it.

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