Welcome Back BoPo!

Hey guys, welcome back to bowling season.  Draft League is the first major of the year, and the only one without a trophy.  I’ll be remedying that this year and we’ll get something with the names of every draft champ engraved on it.

I’m going to experiment with writeups this season, actually going back tot he original style.  Lines will just be number lines, no writeups.  Then I’ll do recaps over the weekend.  That’ll cover big scores, exciting game results, etc.  Probably more interesting than previews.

That said, I’ll still make my preseason finals prediction: Diesel’s team over Mo $ for the title (with Brandy’s team lurking as a wildcard)

So, straight up lines:


Hexy (-1) vs Chernobylayne

Mo $ (-2) vs Xander Rolle

Automatic (-3) vs Walter

Roadhouse (-3) vs Soccer Dad

Double Cheese (-1) vs Crackerjack


Diesel (-3) vs Dr. Thunder

Slow Roll (-1) vs Magic

Rick Vaughn (-2) vs Squampch

Rinni (-2) vs Rubbys

Brandy (-1) vs White Russian

Nugget (-1) vs Space Farmer


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back BoPo!

  1. Hey Hungus – where was that recap of the first week? Team Automatic was amazing (748!) and I outscored Viking… he claims it will be only a one week phenomenon so I’d love to see some ribbing here while I’m still the family leader.

    1. Sweat Jesus that has been a shitty week first my average, then I get knocked out of singles in bowl olyympics in the first round, then bridgewater goes down. Time to unleash hell tomorrow night. You heard me viqueeen I am gunning for you!

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