Week 1: Recaps, Rankings and Bowlers of the Week

Well, BoPo is back.  It was a little tame but hey it’s still August.  Overall a great night just having everyone back in the building.  First impressions indicate that we are going to do just fine on this custom pattern.  Lots of big scores out there, with ladies’ scores in particular looking really high.  Also the divisions look evenly matched, both teams winning 5 games in regulation with Lancaster grabbing the 6-5 games lead in a bowloff victory.

The top team performance definitely had to be Automatic’s Team, as they won 12-3 while averaging an astounding 748.  Duke Thunderwood got off to his typical fast start with a 204-257-202 night.T-$ was also 2 for 2 in 200 games, but the surprise star was Viqueen who rolled 185-195-180.  Walter’s Team never had a chance in a 12-3 loss.

Danny Diesel’s Team is the only squad that got all 15-0 points as they shellacked Thunder’s Team, but Dr Thunder was missing and the team was rudderless.  Oh, and 11th pick Tango was insane, rolling 221-246-224.  Damn, man.  This guy is on a mission, and my preseason champion pick is looking strong.

Crackerjack won the title in his first season of Draft League last year, but now he’s a captain and his debut didn’t go as planned.  Double Cheese’s Team beat them in 2 en route to an 11-4 win.  Cheese’s 213 was the only 200+ game in this low scoring affair.

Speaking of high lady scores, Nut Sauce went 201-214-2145 to lead Hexy’s Multiple Scorgasms to a 10-5 win over Chernobylayne’s Team. Hexy (194) and Chernobes (192) also posted some kiler games, and Guterboy was 2 for 2 on 200 games in the loss.  Girls on top.

Space Farmer rallied his team from a 5-0 hole to an 8-7 win over Nugget’s Team.  Sparetime’s 204 in game 2 helped turn things around.  Bama also had a couple 200’s and looks like he’s back despite the close loss.

Roadhouse hasn’t missed a beat, rolling 211-224 to lead his crew to a season opening 12-3 win over Soccer Dad.  Roo also had a 213 (before his back to back 260+ games in practice later in the week).  Soccer Dad’s crew never got on track but I wouyldn’t read too much in to their week 1 performance.

Brandy’s Team opened with a big 800 something and overcame some great bowling from Dick Du Jour to beat White Russian’s squad 9-6.  Brandy and Balck Mossris each had a 200+ game, Nuber had 2 200+ games, and E-Minor rolled a very impressive 238 average.  I’d have more details but they threw away their scoresheet.

Slow Roll’s Nipple Confusion jumped out to a big 9-1 lead and cruised home to an 11-4 win on the back of Purple Nurple.  His first two games of 235-198 led the way.  Railroad had the biggest game of the match with a 224 for Magic’s crew in the loss.

Xander’s Army had a 6.5-3.5 lead, then eked out 1 point in game three for the season’s first bowloff.  The teams actually had to switch lanes for the bowloff due to mechanical issues.  The swap was no problem for General Tso who cruised to 214-138 win over Hard Knox while Jerk watched from the bench.  Knox was coming off a 236-211 in regulation for Mo-$’s Team.

Has anyone else been watching Rick Vaughn?  He can roll now.  He closed out with a 236 and sits on a 200+ average after week one.  He also got 200s from G-Unit and Deputy as his 4-person crew cruised to a 12-3 win over Rollin With Samsquampch. Seatown’s 191 was the top game from the RWS posse.

Rinni’s team beat Rubby’s team, but took their scorecard home.  From what I can gather Glossy Mexican led them to the victory.

Bowlers of the Week:

Men: (tie) Tango, DD (691 series), E-Minor, BR (2 game 238 average)

Women: (tie) Viqueen, AT (560 series, career high), Nut Sauce, HX (3 200+ games)


#1 Danny Diesel (1-0): How you gonna slow Tango?

#2 Automatic (1-0): 748 average ain’t nothing to fuck with

#3 Brandy (1-0): E-Minor looks beastly, three other players over 200

#4 THB (1-0): Rick Vaughn got himself a contender

#5 Multiple Scorgasms (1-0): Nut Sauce gunning for gender nuetral Top Dawg


It’s been a tough week to write with a lot of things going down, but as the season settles in I’ll be turning out more and more narrative.  Just go out there and roll me a good story.







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