Been a rough week.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.  Glad to have bowling back.  Anyway, now that we have a few weeks in the books I’ll take a stab at lines.  They won’t be works of art but at least the wheels will start turning.

All the inerleague play is done.  Now we’re division games the rest of the way.  Only 2 undefeated teams left!  Typical draft league, most all the teams battle it out in the middle of the pack.


Magic the Gathering (1-2) -1 vs Rinni (1-2): The first round picks have delivered for these teams as both Railroad and Glossy Mex are well over 190 in average, and neither has hit the wall with a bowling ball.  Rinni is doing a great job captaining even taking her whole team on an Augusta field trip for lessons and bonding.  I’m thinking Magic finds a way though, he’s due for a big night.

Multiple Scorgasms (2-1) -1 vs Xander’s Army (3-0): This is Draft League, so I just don’t see any teams pulling too far ahead of the pack.  Xander’s Army has found ways to win but Hexy is bowling great, Nut Sauce is looking like MVP, and I don’t see anyone going undefeated.

White Russian (2-1) -1 vs Drinks Well With Others (2-1): Did anyone else read on Facebook that Bama is leaving for South Carolina?  WTF?  BoPo will miss him.  Wondering if he’ll be around the rest of Draft League or not.  I think his team will be a little rattled by the news so I’m picking them to lose by 1, but secretly hoping they tie and he wins a bowloff.

WHAM! (3-0) -2 vs Rollin With Samsquampch (1-2): Ok, forget what I just said about everyone coming back to the pack.  I’m picking Cheese and Co. to stay undefeated for another week.  Amazingly enough they are 3-0 even though their highest average is currently #20.  Unfortunately Squampch’s team’s highest is #37.  Cheddar should be able to start climbing, but Cheese and the surprising Doc Moose get the win.


Diesel (1-2) -3 vs Soccer Dad (0-2): Maybe they felt the weight of my preseason prediction that they would cruise to a title, but Deez’ crew is a surprising 1-2.  They should rebound here with a full squad for the newly married Captain.  Tango is currently second in average and everyone on the team is a big game waiting to happen.  Soccer Dad’s team has already had their bye so it’s 11 straight weeks of bowling for them, hopefully with some wins.  He needs Stiffy to live up to that 1st round hype.

Chernobylayne (2-1) -3 vs MoTown (1-2): Chernobes battles one of her own as she takes on Jamaican Jerk in this funfest.  Gutterboy is currently sitting in 1st place in average for her and battle her Binga’s teammate for top points.  Polly Ringwald vs The Dude should be great match up all night as well.  Chernobes will get the job done herself, though, carrying the team to the win with her own big scores.

Rubbys on the Reg (0-3) -2 vs Space Farmer (2-1): Viking is due.  That is all.

B-Minor (1-2) -9 vs Jules Winnfield (0-3): After week 1 I raved about B-Minor being a super team, so they promptly lost two in a row.  Playing Jules will get them back in the win column, and they’ll have a blast.

Typical House Bowlers (2-1) -1 Dirty Bowling (2-1): Rick Vaughn is having a breakout season.  Roadhouse is still a monster bowler.  This looks like a high scoring affair, but I’m giving the edge to THB because of the outstanding rolling from G-Unit.  That guy has been on fire.

Nipple Confusion (1-1) -1 vs Walter (1-2): It’s late, so the Nips will have Oz.  That’ll be a big help.  Walter’s team is still looking to gel.


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  1. We welcome 3 points tonight. Also turn the music up. I didn’t go to college because I was too busy killing people for pay, but I do loooooove a good frat party.

    Damn that’s a tasty burger!

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