Nap Time

Well West just fell asleep, here goes nothing.  Hanover won the All-Star game 10-8 last night, rallying from a 5-1 deficit.  Pretty evenly matched Divisions it seems.

Early Games

Xander’s Army (4-1) -1 vs The Walking Dad (0-5): Was very tempted to make this my upset special, as I really don’t see any team losing all their games, and the Walking Dad actually have a solid average, but Xander’s crew is coming off a bye after their first loss and they’ll bowl hungry and survive.

Deisel (3-2) -3 vs Rinni and the Rollers (2-4): I don’t think Diesel has named his team yet so I’m opening the floor to nominations.  I think the nameless ones will win primarily due to Glossy Mexican’s facebook posts about his shattered confidence.

Rollin With Samsquampch (3-3) -1 vs Drinks Well With Others (4-2): Nugget’s team lost a tough one last week when she took on Tango in a bowloff.  I’d pick them to rally here but I don’t know when Bama moves to South Carolina, so he could be gone already and Squmapch’s team is starting to heat up.

B-Minor (4-2) -3 vs Fireball Muy Caliente (2-3): Last year Brandy drafted league newcomer Crackerjack and won a title with him.  Now she’s built a new powerhouse and Crackerjack is out on his own.  He’ll put up some big scores but his old captain (whose last 4 league games have been 200+) will come up with the win.

Nipple Confusion (2-3) -3 vs Whoop Ass (3-3): Lots of folks missing in this one, Oz for Nips, Farmer and Sparetime for Ass.  Since Nips has more of the team I’m picking them to win.

Late Games

WHAM! (5-1) -3 vs Magic’s Gathering (3-3): Hard to believe this early in the season but Cheese’s WHAM! could essentially clinch postseason play with a win in this one.  Not bad.  The Gathering will be missing Magic in this one, and while Railroad would get three games in I think WHAM has more depth.

Danger Zone (3-3) -3 vs DirigiBowls (2-3): Sparkles is starting to heat for Danger Zone, and all their other dudes average over 163.  DirigBowls look like they may have peaked in week 1.  Automatic needs a bounce back night.

MoTown (2-3) -1 vs Dirty Bowling (3-3): Kind of weird having an all-star game with no Jerk or Roadhouse. They’ll battle it out tonight head to head as they both try to jumpstart their teams out of the middle of the pack.

Rubbys on the Reg (2-4) -3 vs Walter (1-4): Mitch Cumstein and Viking are a solid 1-2 punch and should be able to cruise past a reeling, nameless Walter squad that is coming off a loss to previously winless Tasty Burger.

THB (5-1) -7 vs Tasty Burger (1-5): Rick Vaughn is having a breakout season with a team that is hitting on all cylinders.  Tasty Burger finally broke into the win column last night and Dr Thunder would like little more than to slow Rick Vaughn down.  We’ll throw them in the party pit and see who survives.




5 thoughts on “Nap Time

  1. Glossy has no confidence????? I haven’t had a strike or a spare in over a month! Might have to start rolling on days other than Thursday!

    Here we come pit!

    Roll Burger!!!!

    Roll THB!!!!

    1. Seriously! Dude has a 206 average and no confidence? Sounds like Mexican privilege to me. My teammates had to remind me that you get an extra ball when you close out the tenth frame. It’s been so long I forgot how that works.

      Scramble the blimps!

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