Playoff Scenarios


  • Rubbys get bye to the quarters with win

Three teams fighting for two spots on Sunday (MoTown in based on division record)

  • Whoop Ass – In with a win, in with a Fireball loss, in with a loss and fireball win if Nipple and MoTown both win
  • Nipples – In with a win, in with a fireball loss, in with a loss and Fireball win if Whoop Ass wins, if three way tie with Whoop Ass and Fireball at 5-7 (all same division record) then decided by points
  • Fireball – Need win, losses by both Whoop Ass and Nipples, and then more points than one of those two teams.  Lose head to head tiebreaker with Whoop Ass and Nipples if only a two way tie



  • Xander’s Army bye to quarters with win, Drinks Well, Danger Zone and Diesel all need to win and get help
  • Wham can make playoffs with win over Diesel if Drinks Well, and Danger Zone both win.  Diesel would then go to Sunday.

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