48 Hours

We are that close.  Guest lines should be posted soon.  As I am not writing them, I’ll just posit a few preseason thoughts.

It’s pretty amazing to have this many people together (52 teams!) and have it run so smoothly.  Thanks to everyone for following the BoPo DBAD ethos.  I met with the Council of Keglers today and if any issues come up this year regarding any bowler behavior getting out of line it will go to the Council for resolution – things like kicking ball returns, making folks uncomfortable, etc.  Just keep having fun being cool to each other.

We are playing on a legitimate sport shot this year, could be some low scores out there which while frustrating also leads to more unpredictable game results, and more playoff upsets.  Have fun with it.  Bring back your strike dances! Plus over the last week it looks like people are honing in on it a bit anyway.  The pattern should be more consistent than ever with the new machine and oil, and should hold up better from early to late shift.

Maybe its just my excitement at Clemson getting its championship rematch with Alabama, but I’m predicting Turkey Club to beat Yahtzee in a finals rematch, with LOS and Off Constantly the other semifinalists.  I also have Incredibowls over Roll Another for the B title.  Let the games begin!




3 thoughts on “48 Hours

  1. Camon now Sparkie, quite beating around the bush. You guys never faced a full Saucy Posse squad last year. A fluke crown as far as I’m


  2. Not only is the Posse out to defend our Tuesday A title, you’d be foolish to think the chances any of those teams aforementioned are > SauPoX. Am I calling Hungus foolish you ask? Let’s just say it’s not often you catch Karl with his pants down;^)

    1. That A title did a lot of good in the playoffs… Maybe you should be like the Colts and get a banner for that semifinals loss…

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