Tuesday B Opening Night Guest Lines

…courtesy of Major Danks, BILF:

No Eye Deer (-5) v 3 Livers – There is no better team to play against than 3 Livers. Bernie and the crew may be the most welcoming team there is. Always fun and entertaining. N.E.D. had a bit of a lineup shakeup, but should still be very strong. And it is the return of Tush Christ. Look for a solid first week for the Deer, but the Livers will have more fun than anyone else.

Incredibles (-2) v My Balls – What a first week matchup. After a disappointing lady-less loss in the Semi’s last year, The Incredibles are looking to get back to the B Final Four. GOT is coming off a Draft championship, so you know the confidence is high. My Balls is such a solid squad. One of the most consistent in Tuesday B. Expect a tight one, going down to Game 3. Incredibles will close it out though.
Budweisers (-5) v Bowl Trolls – Kind of like a night of drinking Heavies, the Budbros are either all-in or incredibly vulnerable. They have the talent to win Tuesday B, but haven’t put a whole season together. They start against a very talented and experienced expansion team. I do like the Budbros here to start off on the right path.
Splits Happen (-4) v Whoomp S.I.I – Not really sure who Xander still has on his team, but the dude is a competitor. One of the silent assassins of Tuesday B. Whomp will bowl well, but I like Splits to get off and going on a positive note.
Strikes on Tap (-6) v WAKA Whitney – Strikes are another team that certainly has the ability to battle for a top Tuesday B spot. They take on a team that I have never heard of, so good luck to the WAKA! Strike Tyson and the squad win big.
Game of the Year: BILF (-1) v Wrecking Balls – BILF is coming off an outstanding offseason, which included a restaurant league championship for the World’s greatest eatery, Hot Suppa. Major Danks nearly threw a 300 game. And I’m sure someone else on the team did something too (who cares, I almost threw a 300 game). The Wrecking Balls may have lost The Dude, but they are still a very talented group. This one has potential bowl-off written all over it. It’s a must win for both teams that will need the “W” to keep pace with the big boy Tuesday B teams. BILF in a very close match.

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