A Lines

Last week kicked off BoPoX with a banner unveiling and Lumberjacks team Manager, Tim Mack throwing our first ever celebrity strike! Scores were fairly low compared to last season but it’s only one week and this shot isn’t easy. Late squad looked like they struggled compared to early but really only trailed 635 to 631 avg per game, so it must have just been the teams I remember watching.

Early Games (5:40pm)

Sons of Danarchy (-1) vs. Strikes of Hazzard
Both teams came out week 1 and put up impressive numbers but only SOD got the win for their efforts. General Lee put up the high game (265?) and high avg (230) for the week and Marne and Luke also rolled well. LB struggled but you can’t expect that every week and Uncle Jesse was there too. SoD was as advertised last week, getting good scores all around. Diesel put up a really nice set and the ladies did as they always do. This match is a coin flip so I’ll take SoD this week.

Saucy Posse (-5) vs. Spare of the Dog
I’m going out on a limb and guessing this match will be in the Party Pit this week. Reigning Team of the (fucking) Year, Spare of the Dog has decided to sacrifice a lot of wins and come to Tuesday and roll with the big dogs. The Dog boys will surely bring the party with them and new addition, and #LadyBrick owner, All Day Lemay gives them a potential ace. Saucy has their own capable lady in Nut Sauce though, and they also have Master Splinter every week. But, it will be like they only have one each week because (rumor has it) it’s rare when they bowl well together. With those 2 getting more games with Walter out (get well soon), and Beef, Hot Sauce, and Chilly filling in the blanks I can’t see Saucy losing this week.

Body English (-5) vs. Ball That
BEER and Ball That both started the season on the struggle bus with team averages right up there with Thursday B. Hungus might be insane for going down to the National Championship game after an appendectomy (Congrats Clemson!) but I can’t envision him bowling tonight or for a couple of weeks. Good thing BEER has an 8 person roster. Ball That might be in for a long season this year as this isn’t one of those “throw it out there, it will come back” patterns. Squampch and Twinkle Toes are really going to have to step up their games and this might be their best chance at a win this season. Don’t see it happening as Gunz and Brandy get back on track.

Late Games (Hopefully before 8:30)

Yahtzee! (-7) vs. Cape Fear
The champs started the year looking like the champs having the highest team average for the league and easily dispatching OC in 2 games. Cape Fear didn’t have the same luck. Southpaw bowled great and Pip chipped in with a nice 2nd game but Otherpaw struggled and Soccer Dad is tied for the league lead in ball return kicks with Precious. Tango seems to have found a line and Cheddar should be solid late on this pattern. Lala/Rotini led the way in lady average last week (yah I keep that stat too) and that stat alone makes Yahtzee extremely tough to beat.

Off Constantly (-1) vs. Binga’s
This is an old school matchup between BoPo’s first 2 champions and also 2 teams that match up against each other really well. Gutterboy is well adjusted to his new team, stealing a few points and beers off Yahtzee and carrying a nice 214 avg. Nuber also rolled well last week and Coco Lopez should be making her debut tonight. The Cookie/Jerk/Tso trio rolled decent last week but the ladies had a rare off week. Looking forward to seeing what OC can do at full strength and I see Gutterboy sweeping his points and being the difference.

Turkey Club (-1) vs. Sharks & Strikes Game of the Week
Club came out firing week one setting the high game bar at 826 but then took their foot off the gas so Ball That would come back this week. Sharks had pretty much the same week, winning in 2 and blacking out game 3. Dick was a bag of Richards outside of a yahtzee in the middle of game 2 and I think Roo threw a game that’s lower than my candlepin avg. Those two should be better this week and mix that with Railroad crushing pins and the ladies holding their own and this could have bowl off potential. Bucky looked locked in last week for one game and Roadhouse even made an appearance but the difference in this one is Minor, who has never lost to Dick in league.

Prop bet updates:

I have heard of a few bets this year and feel like I should keep everyone informed on them. I won’t reveal who made them or what the wager was, but it’s my duty as a stats geek to keep tabs on them. Got anything else? Lemme know, I’ll make it public

Higher AVG (Deputy v. E-Minor)
E-Minor – 165.5
Deputy – 158.5

Higher AVG (Dick du Jour v. Blak Morriss)
DDJ – 165.0
Blak – 149.5

Kar Bomb AVG > 170 — 144.5

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