B lines


Week One Picks: 4-2 (Way better record than my real life predictions at work)

Pinups v The Incredibowls (-6) – Despite averaging a 572, the Incredibowls lost a heartbreaker to My Balls last week. God of Thunder is back from getting a tramp stamp and will look to lead his squad. The Pinups started the season on a bye, and must be anxious to get rolling. However, not an easy first matchup.

My Balls (-4) v Wrecking Balls – My Balls started the season with an outstanding win over Incredibowls. Cygnus X1 and Wej seemed to have figured out the pattern, so don’t look for My Balls to slow down any time soon. Wrecking Balls lost a squeaker to BILF. However, they bowled very well despite losing The Dude. It may be close early, but too much fire power for My Balls will be the difference.

Bowl Trolls (-3) v Three Livers – A difficult Week One for both squads. However, one of these squads will be picking up a win this week. The Bowl Trolls may be a new team, but they have plenty of experience in this league. Honey Bear and Abbazon are primed for a big week following a special visit by yours truly to their bangin’ new joint in Yarmouth. (Seriously, go check it out.) I obviously brought them good karma. Anyway, Bernie better get it rolling if the Livers want to find the big “W”. Trolls in good position to get their first ever win.

Budweisers (-5) v WAKA Whitney (Brooklyn Hookers?) – After a slow start, the Buds did get the ball rolling. However, there is a lot of room for them to grow. Pickup Truck paced the Buds, but the squad will need more from Sir Marks A lot if they want to be a top B Team this year. The Hookers had a fantastic Tuesday B debut with a monster win over Strikes on Tap. Though, Hollywood and the crew will need to step up their game if they want to hang with the Heavy’s.

Whoomp S.I.I. v BILF (-4) – Old Thumper was the MVP as BILF won a very close match-up over Wrecking Balls. Major Danks was an unmitigated disaster. BILF will need him to get over the Restaurant League Championship hangover if they have any shot. They take on a much improved Whoomp squad that ran into the Splits Happen buzzsaw in Week One. Loser Donuts will hope to keep the Whoomp close and try and steal it in the third game.

Game of the Week: Splits Happen (-1) v N.E.D. – New faces, no problem for The Splits. With four rollers averaging over 140, Xander’s crew had a phenomenal opening week win. They roll into this week’s game with the second highest average in Tuesday B, and are looking to be a real player. Meanwhile, it was a win for N.E.D., but left a lot of pins out there. Look for Tush and Donzarelli to get it rolling this week, and keep this match-up very tight. This one has the chance for a bowl-off. If so, a Burt v Xander would be one to remember.

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