Tuesday B lines from Maj Danks

Wrecking Balls (-6) v 3 Livers – Its a battle of two winless teams. Something’s got to give! And it will for the Wrecking Balls. Just too much talent on this team to keep them down for too long. Led by Tenacious D, the Wrecking Balls get it done Tuesday night. But, the 3 Livers will probably beat us all in fun.

Budweisers (-3) v WHOOMP – The Whoomp are coming off a dramatic win in a bowl-off. Meanwhile the Buds are looking to bounce back after their first loss of the season. Lazer Donuts was heroic in his bowl-off win, but will have to keep up the pace if he wants to lead his team to victory. Buds will have to roll better this week, but I still like them as a tight favorite. Buds are too talented, and will break out soon enough.
NED (-2) v Strikes on Tap – It’s a battle of two teams still looking to find their way. Both teams are well off their average from a year ago, and both teams are coming off a loss. Strikes was on a bye in Week 2, so they’ve had a few weeks to get ready for this difficult matchup. NED will need Burt the Bandit and Donzarelli to turn it on to guarantee victory on Tuesday.
Pinups v BILF (-1) – BILF lost in heartbreaking fashion in Week 2, falling in bowl-off. Major Danks has been a huge disappointment so far, and needs to improve to help out his squad. The Pinups bowled respectably in a loss last week, and will keep this one close all night. BILF will need to be much more locked-in to get the win.
WAKA Whitney (Hookers) (-3) v Bowl Trolls – The Trolls had their first win in franchise history last week and the Hookers went to 2-0. Two hot teams squaring off in what should be a close, fun battle. Look for the Hookers consistency to be the difference at the end of the night.
Game of the Night: Splits Happen v Incredibowls (-1)- Commander Xnder and his Splits are rolling out of the gates. But they now take on a full Incredibowls squad coming off a monster win. Can Xander’s squad keep Spidey, GOT and Boston and their place? It’s going to be a tall order. Look for the Incredibowls depth to be the difference in this one. Former Split Cupcake and the Incredible Ones take it late.

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