Sparkles Drops Some A Lines


Cape Fear (0-2) -3 v Ball That (0-2)
assic basement battle early in the season. This very well could be either team’s only chance at a win this season and Ball That’s only chance at bowling a meaningful game 3. I picture Ball That bringing their future Tuesday B game tonight and Southpaw and his 50 pin avg advantage over anyone else bowling to single handedly get 6 points and win this dumpster fire for Cape Fear.

Strikes of Hazzard (0-2) -3 v Spare of the Dog (0-1)
Both of these teams took a beating last week. Hazzard should have the General and LB this week, probably, maybe and might get some help from the supporting cast? Honestly I don’t know what the hell to expect from this team. The Dogs stepped up their attire game from last season and are making a strong run at Sharks for TOTY, but these are bowling lines and without All Day Lemay, wins are going to be tough(er) to come by.

#1 Yahtzee (2-0) -3 v #4 Sons of Danarchy (2-0)
The champs have set the pace pretty high so far this season getting contributions from everyone and having an impressive 34 pin avg lead on the league. SoD has probably been the surprise team so far in this young season. Valley Girl is killing it and the Dentist is figuring it out. With the price of Moosehead going up, Tango might be bowling angry tonight and watch out for Lala coming off a career high 267 game. These two teams always have close battles but I’m biased and if I pick us to win, Cheddar won’t bench me.

#2 Turkey Club (2-0) -3 v Oddballs (1-0)
Oddballs had the bye last week and get their first taste of early which will probably be their bread and butter. HBK and Brooklyn should have big nights and if they can get a little help from the ladies, ya never know. Club had a pretty solid week score wise in their closer than it looked blowout of Sharks. Bucky is looking unstoppable and while under performing so far, my MVP pick Minor is due to stop letting me down. Club stays undefeated.


Sharks & Strikes (1-1) -1 v Off Constantly (0-2) Game of the Week!
Both of these teams match up pretty evenly and are both coming off losses in which they rolled pretty well. DDJ found a good line last week in the games he can remember, and I’m sure Railroad will crush a couple 200s and a few Whopper Jrs. Has Gutterboy ever been 0-3 before? Even with him and Nuber having great seasons, I see them losing a close one when Dick O’Douls tosses a 104 to lose low point.

#3 Saucy Posse (2-0) -3 v Binga’s (1-1)
Binga’s pulled off a classic five point game 3 for an 8-7 win last week against OC. Jerk, Tso, and Hot Mango carried the load and look to keep the momentum going. Saucy hasn’t really been challenged yet. Nut Sauce keeps winning the coin flip to bowl well and Splinter keeps getting hammered. Tough to pick against Posse this week, they are a little too deep for Binga’s.

Prop bet updates:

I have heard of a few bets this year and feel like I should keep everyone informed on them. I won’t reveal who made them or what the wager was, but it’s my duty as a stats geek to keep tabs on them. Got anything else? Lemme know, I’ll make it public

Higher AVG (Deputy v. E-Minor)
E-Minor – 181.5
Deputy – 170.8

Higher AVG (Dick du Jour v. Blak Morris)
DDJ – 179.4
Blak – 149.5

Kar Bomb AVG > 170 — 144.0

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