Tuesday A Lines

Short and sweet this week


Sharks & Strikes -1 vs. Oddballs
Oddballs found their stroke last week taking T-Club to the last frame of game 3 before Heartbreak Kid lived up to his name. Sharks crushed OC and are looking strong with the 4th best avg in BoPo and leading the league in shirtless strikes. This should be a good battle but I’ll take Sharks because they are giving me a ride to Bayside later.

Saucy Posse -1 vs. SOD
Splinter got back on track last week and Nut Sauce is on pace to obliterate whatever the highest lady avg is. SOD took Yahtzee to game 3… which probably won’t be easy this season. Valley Gurl is a beast and Dentist is rolling consistent. SOD’s depth keeps them close but Saucy’s fire power gets the win.

Hazzard -1 vs. Cape Fear
I have no idea who is going to show up for Hazzard. I don’t know if they have a permanent 2nd girl yet. I got zip. Cape Fear couldn’t beat Ball That last week and will probably have the privilege of being the only team to be able to say that this year. I’m gonna assume one of Hazzard’s ringers makes an appearance and that’s the difference


Turkey Club -5 vs. Binga’s
Apparently Bucky’s birthday went by without a 56 game this year (boo), so that means we have no chance at Top Dawg. Binga’s got a Saucy beatdown last week but they rolled pretty good. Club should keep rolling as Minor finally stops breaking my heart and bowls well.

Yahtzee -7 vs. BEER
BEER is coming off the bye week and Hungus is coming off a National Championship and surgery. Yahtzee is down Lala tonight and BEER has a large roster and everyone gets to bowl. In this case, less is more. Gunz steals a couple points and Brandy rolls well but it won’t be enough.

OC -3 vs. Spare of the Dog
I can’t imagine Gutterboy thought he would start the season 0-3, but here we are. They’ve had a tough schedule to start and have gotten good scores from Gboy, Oz, and Nuber. The Dogs got their first win last week. No idea who their other girl will be, but I know it won’t be Hootie as she has left for love. OC has too much power at the top and wins this one.

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