Tuesday B Lines

Strikes on Tap (-4) v 3 Livers – It hasn’t exactly been a year to write home about for 3 Livers so far, but not sure they give too much of a shit. Kind of like the Philly 76ers, Its about the party. I respect that. As for Strikes, this may be a great opportunity to get that crucial first win. Will Bernie actually show up and help the Livers pull off the upset? Ummm. No. The Kid and The Cleaner will roll the Strikes to victory.

Pinups v Whoomp (-1) – The Pinups hung around for two games but ran out of gas in a loss last week. They face a Whoomp team coming off a loss of their own. The Pinups will need Manson and SIlky Pete to to put the pressure on the Whoomp if they want their first win this year. The pattern has been good to those straight bowlers, so Pete could have a solid night. Pinups will make it a game, but Loser DOnuts will bring the heroics in Gae 3 to close the deal.

Splits Happen (-4) v Hookers – Make no mistake about it, Splits Happen was taken to the old woodshed last week by Incredibowls. Xander and company now have to regroup against the dangerous Hookers. This is a must win for Splits if they want to stay in the title hunt. As for the Hookers, quite a season so far. The average is solid, with very consistent scoring across the board. As good as it has been, the high points will be difficult to come by against Splits, so this game will come down to the lows and overall. I like Splits, but possibly closer than most think.

BILF (-2) v Bowl Trolls – The Bowlers everyone wants to bone finally had a breakout star this year with Dinah-Moe Humm flirting with a 200 and finishing with a solid series in a win last week. It helped get them back on track, just in time to face the surging Trolls. Everyone on BILF fully expects Honey Bear to throw like an 800 series against them like he did last year as a member of NED (maybe it wasn’t an 800 series, but it fucking felt like it). Look for some early SoCo shots to help motivate the BILF to get rolling. This one is definitely going to Game 3, with BILF’s depth being the difference.

Incredibowls (-5) v Wrecking Balls – The entire Incredibowls roster brought the pain last week in a truly dominating performance. Now looking like the favorite again, the Bowls face a Wrecking Balls team coming off their first win of the season. It may be a long night for the Wrecking crew. God of Thunder and Spidey are already in midseason form, and new teammates Red Turkey and Cupcake have really improved the squad. Probably over in two games, but you never know what may happen on a stormy Tuesday night at Bayside.

Game of the Night: My Balls (-3) v No Eye Deer – It’s been a slow start from the defending Tuesday champ, NED. Burt the Bandit will have to have his A-Game this week against the class of Tuesday B in 2017. My Balls is off to a hot start, and if they bowl their average they should be in a good position to come off the bye and keep the undefeated streak alive. Though a week off on this pattern could also spell disaster. Still think the Balls are big enough, especially with the frontline depth that they can whip out.

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