B lines

Strikes on Tap v Budweisers (-6) – Welp…the Buds kind of bowled well last week. Ric Spair dropped a 733 series, the team went 794 in Game 1 and left BILF in the dust. This is how good the Buds can be. They have A league talent. But do they have the consistency? Strikes are coming off an outstanding win of their own, but could be walking into an onslaught. The Buds are doing this even with Sir Mix A lot still finding his way on the pattern. Buds have to be the favorite now in Tuesday B. And they will show it tonight.

Pinups v Wrecking Balls (-2) – What a win for Tenacious D and the Balls last week. D took it home with a bowl-off win, and will look to lead her team to another victory tonight. The Pinups are coming off a heartbreaker, but continue to improve. This should be a great matchup. The two teams are only separated by about 10 pins per game, so expect a three gamer tonight. I like the Wrecking Balls in close one, especially with their experience already this year in a lot of close games.

Three Livers v Hookers (-7) – It’s a battle of first place v last place. The Hookers are sitting pretty at 4-1, and certainly have been enjoying Tuesday’s so far. Ad for the Livers? Well, they have a great time. The Hookers should have no trouble at all if they just play their game here tonight. Roll average and continue to pace Tuesday B. As for the Livers…well, they are getting closer to that 500 average number.

BILF (-1) v N.E.D. – Both teams are coming off very different losses. BILF lost by 5,000 pins to Budwesiers. They actually rolled well, over average every game, but had no shot. As for NED, it was a very brutal loss in a bowl-off as Dirty Cylon just couldn’t find the rhythm. These teams have had some battles over the years. And with Burt the Bandit squaring off against Major Danks, you never know what may happen on the lanes. This one goes three, with a slight edge to the BILF simply based on average.

Whoomp v My Balls (-4) – My Balls will look to bounce back following a very disappointing loss last week. With two losses, they don’t have a lot of breathing room if they wish to stay in the hunt for the title. They take on the pesky Whoompers, who have played havoc to many a team this year. Will Cygnus X1 and Joe Diesel should be able to pace the Balls over Whoomp tonight, as they stay within title striking distance.

Game of the Night: Splits Happen (-2) v Bowl Trolls – After a fantastic start to the year, the Splits have slipped off. They are coming off a win, but have been a little bit more inconsistent then they would like. The Bowl Trolls had the upset of the Year last week, with a dynamic win over the heavily favored Incredibowls. It took a few weeks, the Trolls are starting to come into their own. This is a team that has the talent to compete for the title. Maybe not this year, but soon enough. Xander and the Splits better not take this team lightly or we could see the Trolls take down another favorite. I think a tight game is what we will see, with the Splits just edging out the Trolls

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