B Lines

BILF (-5) v Three Livers – The Bowlers That You May Want to Have Relations With are coming off a brutal one point loss that essentially ended their chance at the title. They will now have to regroup and take on a squad that is still searching for that first win. Look for the BILF to try and wrap it up early to try and avoid another Game 3 heartbreaker.

Whoomp v N.E.D. (-2) – It hasn’t been the year NED was looking for so far, but still a lot of rolling to do. Meanwhile, Whoomp is coming off a very respectable loss, and will look to upset a shaken opponent. A tight one it should be, but Burt the Bandit won’t let this one get away from NED. Also look for Dirty Sylon and Donzo to get back on the horse, and for NED to close it out in Game 3.

Wrecking Balls (-2) v Bowl Trolls – What a great matchup this should be. The Wrecking Balls are coming off the bye with all the confidence in the world, rolling very well as of late. The Bowl Trolls are literally a pin behind in average, and are looking t get back on track. The Trolls will certainly welcome Abbazon and Honey Bear back this week (Are they back?), and will try and utilize some decent depth. The Wreckers will use that great consistency and Tenacious D to look for the victory. It should be another great B matchup, probably going three. Slight edge to the Wrecking Crew, who have closed well as of late.

Strikes on Tap v Pinups (-1) – Well, the Strikes didn’t show last week. Not sure why, but the squad did have to take the loss. As for the Pinups, what a win it was over NED. Can the Strikes jump right back in after a wonky week, or will the newly confiendent Pinups going to outlast them. With it being school vacation week I do like Silky Pete (and any straight throwin’ rollers) tonight. The lack of oil may bury a few. So look for Pete and CO to take advantage of it. She goes three as well, with a tip to the more confident Pinups.

Budweisers v My Balls (-1) – I have no idea how to forecast this game. This is a true Tuesday B matchup. Both teams have the ability to roll 650s. However, low 500s wouldn’t shock anyone either. The Buds will need Ric Spare and Pickup Truck to bring the “A” game if they want to remain tied for first (at least in the loss column). However, the pressure will be on their shoulders. After a slight tumble a few weeks back, My Balls are back on track and sitting just below the Buds. Wej and X1 will be in the hunt for top points all night long, and will help keep the Balls in overall all night. SHOCKINGLY, I think it goes three. My Balls in a coin toss.

Game of the Night: Incredibowls (-3) v Brooklyn Hookers – Following a narrow victory, The Hookers remain on top. Though, now it gets real for the squad as they take on the league favorite. The Incredibowls haven’t been as dominant as of late, but still bring the best depth the league has to the table tonight. The Hookers have relied on solid consistency all season, and will desperately need it this evening. AMAZINGLY, I think it goes three games. But, probably too much firepower upfront from the Incredibowls for the Hookers to handle. I’ll take the Incredibwols to win, which will really make the top of the division all jumbled up.

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