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My final lines of the year, so sad. Been a great season, BoPo, lets go out with a boom on Saturday Night! Find some fun guys and get loose!
Before we get to the previews for the FINALS on Saturday, take a peak at Jerk and Cookie at Bingas Lounge preparing to come to the lanes to check out the action:

Now that’s how you get ready!!! Totally in for that! Text me bro!
On to the matchups…first up, B Division Finals, 2 PM
DHD (-3) v. Budweisers – What a run by DHD. They took out the reigning champs by averaging a 720 in their match…they rolled a 738 and lost 4-1, yet still overcame and won the match. They are just too strong for Budweisers. I had been advocating G-Force as Rookie of the Year, but maybe he should be MVB?!?! The guy is a beast, and in 27 years I hope to be him, still crushing beers and killing pins.
Hark Attack has been rolling very well lately, and his confidence is through the roof. Been that way for pretty much his entire life, I mean take a look at him as a kid at the club:

Not to be outdone, his lady Corn Nut was quite a dancer in her past as well. Here she destroys some older kid in a break dance battle:

I expect to see them dancing up a storm at the Bowling Ball Saturday night. Both of these teams could do just fine in the A division. Congrats to both on a great season. Here are Sir Marks A Lot and Pickup Truck the morning after the Bowling Ball:

Next Up, 2v2! 4 PM
Sparkles/General Lee (-2) v. Glossy Mexican/Railroad – The Glossy Railroad won a bowloff against Hungus/Jerk to make it to the title match that was brutally delayed by some lane malfunctions. They go up against some excellent bowlers in Sparkles and General Lee (who barely survived a scare from The Dentist and Soccer Dad), and I see them having too much firepower in this one. I expect Glossy Railroad to win 1 of the three, but General Lee will drop a 240 something to close out the match. And then this will happen to General Lee as he tries to celebrate:

Coco Lopez/McStriker (-1) v. All Day Lemay/Kelly Kabowlski – BOWLOFF!! Ring that bell, but Hungus, when you ring the bell, try not to mirror your form from college days!

This one is destined for a bowloff, and I see the former champs regaining their crown in a tight one. All Day Lemay has a brick that will be surrounded by future bowling HOF’ers, which is pretty f’n awesome. She’s a stud bowler, simple as that. Coco Lopez has introduced a great new cocktail program, including Let’s Get Tropical, a TDYOB favorite. I am still waiting for this drink, though:

End of the day I think McStriker will be the difference in the bowloff, and they will again get their names engraved on the trophy.
First a tip for all the fans coming out to watch the match:

Sauce Posse (-3) v. Turkey Club – I have low confidence in this pick, as both teams are deserving champions. What to say about this final:

Before I get to my reasons, let me open by repeating that both of these teams are deserving champs. There is some scuttlebutt out there about which of these teams is more BoPo and therefor a better choice. Come on, both of these squads have a ton of long time BoPo’ers. Both of these teams bolstered their ranks with studs from outside BoPo. And I, for one, love it. Lets keep growing as a league and as a community. These are my hippy roots showing here, but as usual, Cupid chooses love.

OK, off the soapbox…I am picking Sauce Posse because of their powerful 1-2-3-4 punch of Nut Sauce, Master Splinter, Hot Sauce, and Beef Strokinoff. That’s have a huge lineup to have to beat over three games. The Posse have a lot of folks down on lane, and I’m not even sure who among them are bowlers and who are groupies. When Nut Sauce can break out a tune like this, no wonder they have a lot of fans hanging around:

But it’s Hot Sauce that brings in the crowds!

Turkey Club has some of my favorite non-Borkers in the league. I love those guys (and gals), they have been knocking on the door of a title for a lot of years. It will take some big games from Koops, Bora, and Herk if they want to grab the win. They will get some good scores from everyone, but I don’t think it’ll be enough on Saturday. And oh yeah, they have Roadhouse who knows how to rap as well:

Interesting that there is a sibling rivalry in this game as E Minor and his brother Beef Strokinoff battle for a title. Strokinoff was an early stud in the league under the name Wing Alex before taking some time away from BoPo and returning with a way better name. I was able to find footage of the origins of their sibling rivalry, from a fateful afternoon where Strokinoff thought E Minor had touched his drum set:

And, well, fuck it it’s the last lines of the year. The brothers did make peace and even recorded a song together back in the day:

This whole BoPo thing is getting crazy! There was a ton of media coverage, take a look at this compilation from the people of Portland talking about the excitement of the Bowling Ball!

Hope to see everyone out Saturday Night! Get there early, stay late. One more final BoPo party before we all hit rehab for a little bit. Have fun, and remember, safety first!

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  1. Due to an error in editing (shocking that that could happen as disciplined as Cupid is), there was the wrong video linked to the song E Minor and Strokinoff made after they had made peace. The correct link is below:

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