The Draft Night Cometh

Oh hell yeah, BoPo is back!  The pursuit of the first major of the season starts at the draft.  This year there are a few small tweaks.  First we have a scouting combine this Wednesday at 6pm so the Captains get a chance to see some of the new bowlers and plot their strategy.  Then this will be the best draft ever, with a record 24 teams and an awesome new space to draft in up on the mezzanine.  Can’t wait!

The first two rounds are set by Captain average.  The 3rd-5th round draft order are each drawn randomly at draft night.  Here’s the draft order for rounds 1 and 2:

1 Cupcake
2 Hexy
3 Big Party
4 Rufio
5 Squatch
6 Dr. Thunder
7 Nugget
8 Brandy
9 Dick Whitman
10 Samsquanch
11 Rick Vaughn
12 Duke Thunderwood
13 Xander Rolles
14 Space Farmer
15 Spidey
16 Glossy Mexican
17 Cheddar
18 Deputy
19 Viking
20 Karl Hungus
21 South paw
22 Roadhouse
23 Double Cheese
24 Nut Sauce

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