Week Two-Sday Lines

Hey, it’s not -30 degrees!  Hot damn!


Quick note, Mosart won’t be arriving til 7:30 tonight…we’ll be listening to some sweet jams from Hungus for round 1.

Early Games

BUI (0-0) -1 vs Turkey Club (1-0): The weekly crossover match is also the season debut for BUI (though they get to play again Thursday and get back on schedule).  Last year BUI made the playoff run they’ve always had in them.  They pull off a few big upsets each season.  I think they have a chance in this one too since they’ve been itching to get on the lanes.  Buck struggled by his standards on opening night, and the Club probably has mixed feelings about the whole regular season thing anyway, just wondering about their finals curse.  Let’s chalk one up to Thursday.

Body English (0-1) -1 vs Skol (1-0): This should be interesting.  Body English had a monster opening night, and lead the league in average after 1, but sit at 0-1.  Now they play former BEER member Tommy Gunnz and Viking’s expansion squad.  Skol started their existence with a comfortable win over OC and look to knock off another ancient champ.  The Gunnzz vs Herb’n legend subplot will be fun to watch, and Viking vs Hungus is always a nailbiter.  Automatic is off to a hot start too, but I’m giving BEER the slight edge with the ladies carrying big averages.

Saucy Posse (1-0) -7 vs O.C. (0-1): Saucy Posse picked up where they left off in last year’s playoffs – a giant rally back from 7-3, monster scores, and yet another win.  The Walter and Hot Sauce dance off at the end of the lanes looked like it would be the highlight for SauPo for a while until hey closed with a nice 854 for the comeback.  Nut Sauce is ridiculous, averaging a smooth 230+.  O.C. is incorporating a new piece in Mama D, and even in year 2 it seems a little strange to see Gutterboy in the OC uni.  They’ll battle but I feel like after SauPo got the banner defense jitters out of the way they’re just going to get loose and crush pins.

My Balls (0-1) -9 vs Burners (0-1): The burners made a big impression in week 1.  They are an expansion squad but have an old school BoPo vibe, partying like crazy and offering up a generous gift package tot heir opponent.  People will love playing these guys.  My Balls got a loss to start but they’ll be fine.  Cygnus and Luna are a solid foundation and tonight they’ll get their record back to .500

Budweisers (1-0) vs Wreck (1-0): The Wreck got off to as good a start as possible picking up all 15 points in week one, but they’ll need much higher scores to battle defending Tuesday B champs Budweisers.  Tuesday B has taken a pretty massive leap forward with lots of teams bringing in A level talent, but the Buds have great depth and should be able to contend even in the improved division.  The Wreck would love to pull off an upset in this one and count themselves a contender.

Cape Fear (1-0) -3 vs Bingas (0-1): Cape Fear put up some huge scores on Friday night.  Soccer Dada and Southpaw both averaged over 200 and they can definitely maintain those scores.  They also put down around 4 cases of Miller Lite.  Kudos to you gentlemen.  Bingas is going to take a little while to find their groove I think, and it still feels weird to see them in an early slot.  Jerk averaged over 200, and Tso is right in the leader mix too.  They’ll need big nights from Cookie and Knuckles to pick up any wins this year – Tuesday A wins are hard to come by.  If this was late I’d switch the line but I like Fear in an early match.

Late Games

N.E.D. (1-0) -15 vs Three Livers (0-1): This is the biggest mismatch of the night, the only question is if their party styles will mesh.  I’m guessing yes, they’ll have a sweet night.

Oddballs (0-0) -1 vs Sharks and Strikes (0-1): Oddballs are dying to get on the lanes after a week 1 bye.  They’ve got a very talented team and should enjoy this pattern.  Sharks are a title contender that could easily start 0-2.  I think Railroad is still in Estonia, and I think 10 Pin Haz Bin doesn’t play late.  Dick Du Jour is going to have a breakout season and they have a ton of depth with Nugget, Russian, Roo and Pauly but I think they lose without their nominal top 2.

Hookers (0-1) -11 vs Whoomp (0-1):  Well, it’s only one week but Hookers have a 100 pin higher average.  Whoomp has maintained their crew, but looks like they may have missed the Tuesday B revolution.  Hookers brought in Rotini to battle the new Tuesday B aces…today she won’t have one to battle.  I’m a big fan of Tootsie’s crew but they may already be looking to their Three Livers battle as a chance to get a win.

Bowl Trolls (1-0) -1 vs Splits Happen (0-1): The Trolls got a win under their belts before getting in an epic team photo shoot.   Seriously, these guys are sexy AF, check out the glamour shots.  Splits Happen actually has a higher average (take week 1 averages with a grain of salt), and they are probably going to come out desperate for a win so as not to fall too far behind in an ultra-competitive Tuesday B.  I think Gutterslut has at least one 230+ and it’s just enouhg for an 8-7 win.

Ball That (1-0) -1 vs Incredibowls (0-1): Huge game.  Ball That is pretty stoked to have escaped Tuesday A for Tuesday B.  They’ll win a lot more than they lose, but it won’t be easy.  Samsquampch opened play in his new division with a 243 on Friday night.  He’s eager to bring little Hermione into a family of winners.  The Incredibowls lost to their turncoat Spidey, and things don’t get easier.  They’ll fight hard to even their record but Samsquampch and Twinkle Toes will prove a little too much.


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