Sick kid = short lines.  One quick reminder, teams need at least two women with 11 games in the regular season to be playoff eligible.  Meet that threshold and every team makes the playoffs.  Plus playoffs are extended this year – no Sunday Shootout, all those games now take place in a new prelims week.  Going to be badass.  All-star game is on Valentine’s Day at 8pm, info on the rules page.

Predictions Record: 29-16


My Balls (2-1) -13 vs Three Livers (0-4) and Splits Happen (1-2) -13 vs Whoomp (0-4): I can’t take credit for this schedule anomaly, but Whoomp and Three Livers meet in the final week of the season in what is shaping up to be an epic showdown of teams looking for their first win.  In the meantime, short of art critiques, hard to write too much about the bowling of these teams.  That said they seem to be quite content and enjoying their seasons.

Sharks (2-2) -3 vs Hazzard (1-3): The early Sharks are a different animal.  They’ll have Haz Been and probably everyone else.  They’ve evened up their record after an 0-2 start and are still eyeing a top seed.  Hazzard has never really been a regular season team, so 6-6 or 1-11 dodesn’t matter much to them, they’ll be a dangerous playoff team.  Great individual battle between a couple of rookies as Rev Lord is currently #6 and Haz Been is #7 in the stats.

N.E.D. (4-0) -1 vs Ball That (2-2): Despite Samsquampch’s 3 200s, Ball That is at .500 and in danger of falling below that in their innaugural B season.  Tuesday B ain’t nothing to fuck with.  N.E.D. is 4-0 and currently Spidey and Burt the Bandit would grab the 2 designated B spots in the all-star game.  N.E.D is putting in the work (bowling every Friday, BTB also in league Sundays) and should keep their winning streak alive.

Wrecking Balls (2-2) -1 vs Brooklyn Hookers (2-1): Great individual battle between BoPo rookie Iceburg (from CBS league’s Turkey Club) and a BoPo champion Rotini.  Rotini is the second highest scoring woman on Tuesdays, and Iceburg is only a couple pins out from grabbing one of the B allstar spots.  Swanny finally got a big game in last week and I’m banking on him to have another one and pull out the close win.

Sons of Danarchy (3-1) -1 vs Body English (1-3): SOD is coming off their first loss, BEER off their first win.  From what I understand Dentist has not yet become a kiwi.  Cooch has become a league favorite and he’ll battle Herb’n Legend  all night.  There’s a decent chance Filthy and Queen Bee actually have their kid tonight so I’m not counting on them showing up.  This feels like one of those nights where Booth rolls a 240 (after a 130 game) for the narrow win, but here’s hoping we get a bowloff.


XXX Club (2-1) -3 vs Off Constantly (1-3): Oh yeah, XXX Club.  Losing early put them totally under the radar, but they’re still The Club, still have Ripcord, still win all the time.  They can get right back near the top of Tuesday A with a win here off the bye week.  O.C. lost in 2 to Binga’s last week in a bit of a surprise.  It’s the best O.C. in years, but also the best Tuesday A division ever.  Mama D need to chaperone Gutterboy tonight and maybe they can knock off Roadhouse’s crew.

Skol (2-2) -1 vs Yahtzee (1-2):  Skol got beatdown by SauPo last week, but they are still rolling well and should be able to bounce right back.  Tom E Gunzz is in the mix for Top Dog, and Automatic is getting in plenty of work.  Mrs. Brady is a strong contender for women’s rookie of the year.  Yahtzee is playing for the playoffs, working on some stuff, bringing Tango along slowly, filing formal complaints, drinking some beers.  They’ve had big regular seasons and won a title in the past, so they are fine keeping their eye on the bigger picture.

Incredibowls (3-1) -7 vs BILF (1-2): This looks like a bit of a mismatch.  Maniacal God of Thunder is marauding through Tuesday B with wild eyes and an insatiable appetite for wins.  Danks’s team is at a crossroads – pull off a huge upset here and get right back in the playoff chase, or get run over and resign themselves to chilling in the middle of the pack.  I love upsets, but don’t see one coming here.  Incredibowls is laser focused on running the table and a rematch with N.E.D. in the B finals.

Budweisers (3-1) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (2-2): This feels like a bounceback game for the Buds after a blowout loss.  Where’s Ric Spair?  Tap has lost 2 in a row after a hot start.  They do still have one of the best team averages in B and should stay in the hunt for a top 4 spot and a B playoff bid, but I’m going against the averages in this one, and as we all know you can pretty much take my predictions to the bank!

Bowl Trolls (4-0) -3 vs Burners (0-4): Believe it or not I almost had this as my upset alert game.  The record couldn’t be anymore different, but the Burners are hungry and improving every week.  They should have gifts for the Trolls that could play tot heir advantage as well.  Plus The Fuge is nursing a giant Jar Jar Binks back tattoo..that can’t feel great.  Chameleon will keep them in it but ultimately both teams keep zeroes in their respective columns.



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