Waldorf Helps Out

Waldorf been asked last minute to pull some lines together, not much time with meetings etc., so you get what you get.  SOD, Buds, and Incredibowls are on a bye so they have had their Tuesday’s ruined.

Fake Late:

Oddballs (5-0) -15 versus Bowled and the Beautiful (1-4):  Wow B&B got a win.  Waldorf didn’t see that coming all year.  Tonight, they return to familiar territory as they get killed by Tuesday night juggernaut OddBalls.  Want a good follow get after Heart Break Kid on the Book they kid plays both sides of the fence about as frequently as General Tso.

Brooklyn Hookers (2-3) -10 versus 3 Livers (0-5):  BoPo I season originals 3 Livers are going strong 11 seasons in.  Fun fact Waldorf saw Bernie throw a league 200 against TDYOB in 2010 and it was the first 200 I had seen.  Bernie hasn’t rolled a 200 since.  The Hookers move to .500 after this match.

BEER (2-4) -3 versus Cape Fear (1-4):  No Herb’n Legend not General Lee due to those liberal snowflakes on BEER.  Down with all confederate statues.  When you lose you don’t get a statue that’s how it goes.  No Herb no problem.  Cape would be struggling on Thursday with their 640 average and a Hungus all 3 should be enough to push these Miller Lite drinking dip spitting heathens to the curb.

Saucy Posse (4-2) -3 versus Strikes of Hazzard (2-4):  Splinter had some choice words for Rev Lord when he came to the podcast late after winning MIST.  Tonight, they settle it on the lanes.  All Stars Hot Sauce and Beef are the difference in the match moving the defending champs to 5-2.

Strikes on Tap (3-3) -1 versus My Balls (3-2):  Great early B side match, winner keeps the dream alive, loser relegated to getting killed by some A squad first round of the playoffs.  I have Cleaner’s crew based on team average alone.  Still nuts we haven’t had a bowl-off all season.

NED (6-0) -15 versus Whoomp Spare it Is (0-6):  Tuesday B bully versus Tuesday B doormat.  Out in the streets they call it murder.  NED rolls in this one.


Ball That (3-3) -3 versus Burners (0-5):  McDabbin and crew are new podcast sponsors along with yes! To ensure that those fools are slurring their words come end of show.  Burners have been putting a ton of time in on the lane, but watching them practice it is clear they have no idea what they are doing.  Samsquampch and crew will do just enough to keep the Burners defeated.  Rastafari!

OC (1-4) -1 versus Sharks and Strikes (3-2):  Late game means more debauchery and no Ten Pin for the Sharks crew which could lead to a loss versus an OC squad desperate for a W.  Last week the hard luck dumb fuck crew of OC averaged 776 and lost.  Classic OC.

Splits Happen (2-3) -5 versus BILF (1-4):  Xander ain’t about to loss to Major Danks and crew.  Danks has been in his head and rolling as about as bad as possible on an easy pattern as is possible.  That considers tonight and Splits saunters to the win.

XXX Club (4-1) -1 versus Yahtzee (3-2):  Wow this is quit the match tonight.  Tango is rounding back into form at the right time.  Buck is coming offer another brick.  Sparkles almost made the all-star team.  This should be a back and forth match all night which will either end with Chedd Beat in a good or bad mood.

Wrecking Balls (4-2) -1 versus Bowl Trolls (6-0):  The Trolls have been finding ways to win all season.  Something tells me they meet their maker in a game Wrecking Balls squad tonight.  Let’s see how many selfies the Fuge takes after his first loss?

SKOL (2-4) -1 versus Bingas (3-2):  Bingas has a Thursday A team average and 3 wins.  Skol has a Tuesday A team average and two wins.  They move to .500 tonight as Gunz, Viking, et al prove to be too much for Karl Rove (General Tso) and crew.

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