Tuesday’s Gone With The Wind

Well you crazy bastards, we’ve done it again.  We’ve reached the final week of BoPo regular season for an eleventh time.  The daylight is back, PBA is around the corner – and we are primed for another amazing April.

Being the last week of the regular season, some teams will be jockeying for playoff position while others will enjoy one last bit of consequence free bowling.  Next week we’ll have playoffs for 32 of the teams in the league, and say goodbye to 22 of them (it’s like an extended Sunday shootout with full playoff experience for everyone.). Playoff schedule is up, and it may look confusing but it’s a pretty elegant bracket with B and Open playoffs happening concurrently.

On to the lines

Early Games

OC (3-8) -1 vs Leisure Rolls (6-5): OC pulling it together since Mama D came back, and they’ve played their way out of next week’s prelim games.  The Rolls are always a dangerous playoff team.  Insanal has had some huge games this year, Magic is a cold blooded assassin and D$ went ham in the draft playoffs.  This is not a playoff game, however, and OC is feeling their oats.  I’ll give them the win.

Yahtzee (5-5) -3 vs Body English (4-7): First of a doubleheader for Yahtzee.  They could conceivably finish anywhere from 4th to 9th.  They are 5-5 despite a 724 average, and last week had second highest score in the league and got smoked by 200 pins.  Tango is fully back and these guys are a real title threat.  BEER was the original ‘awesome average crap record’ team before Yahtzee took over.  Herb’n needs a miracle to catch the top two dudes and win Top Dog.

SOD (7-4) -3 vs Bingas (4-7): SOD is coming off a loss but are a dangerous April team. Couch has been a rookie sensation, and then adding Jr Hoss was a savvy midseason move.  Bingas broke their 2 month losing streak, and Jerk was looking like his confidence was back (before running into old nemesis LB Davenport).  Binga’s saved their season last week, and feel like they can win again.  This will be a tough one for them though.

XXX Club (7-4) -3 vs Cape Fear (4-6):  I could make quick mentions of Cape fear’s doubleheader, E-Minor’s struggles heading into the playoffs, or where these teams could end up in the standings, but the real storyline is Buck Ripcord chasing another top dog trophy.  He’s got 1.4 pins on Master Splinter, and he’ll set the mark with an early game while Splinter waits.

Three Livers (1-10) -1 vs Whoomp (0-11):  This is it Whoomp!  Rally the troops, circle the wagons, dig deep, any other cliche you like.  The last winless team on Tuesday has a real shot at getting on the board.  Thee Livers won’t just hand it to them, but it is an evenly matched battle from a pair of teams with a combined 1-21 record. Bowloff potential!

Splits Happen (4-6) -1 vs My Balls (6-5): These are a couple of teams that thought they’d be in the B playoffs, so they’re just going to be playing out the string here.  Amazing season from Splits’ Capt Spare-O this year and he should get even more playing time with one his teammates quitting.

West Side: YB2 (10-0) -7 vs Hazzard (2-8): Well it will be over on the West side next to a six lane party, but A division’s last undefeated team visits Tuesday looking to move one step closer to wrapping up a perfect season.  Hazzard hasn’t looked like a team that’s going to put up much resistance.  Glossy bowled out of his mind in last night’s singles tourney – lets see if he can keep it going.

Late Games

Oddballs (9-2) -9 vs Hazzard (2-8): Damn Hazzard, tough night.  YB2 and Oddballs?  Oddballs are coming off a night of averaging around 840.  Brooklyn is coming off a singles title last night (though his hand is wrecked).  This has slaughter written all over it.  Oddballs clinch Tuesday A with a win.

Saucy Posse (9-2) -3 vs Sharks (8-3): There’s a lot of subtle, behind the scenes drama in this one, but these are two teams focused on banners, not regular season wins.  There’ll be a ton of alcohol consumed, lots of interesting lineups.  Sharks will qualify Speedy for the playoffs.  SauPo will be rooting on Splinter as he tries to chase down Ripcord for Top Dog.  At least he’ll know exactly what he needs to roll to get it.

Budwesiers (7-3) -1 vs Trolls (9-2): The Trolls are having a sweet year and have already cinched a spot in the B playoffs.  Gutterslut has been piling up the 200 games lately and Fuge has his team believing.  The Budweisers have a makeup game tomorrow, and most likely need to win both to make the playoffs, but they do control their own destiny.  Sir Marks A Lot has been throwing the occasional monster, but could use a renaissance night from Ric Spair.

Hookers (8-3) -1 vs Incredibowls (6-5): To clarify again, everyone is in the BoPo playoffs.  The top 4 in B just happen to be simultaneously in the B playoffs and have ‘B only’ path to the BoPo sweet 16.  The Brooklyn Hookers are in the B playoffs with a win over Incredibowls.  A loss and they’re likely out.  Incredibowls thought they’d be in the playoffs (so did I), but now will have to satisfy themselves with ruining another team’s season.  We’ll see if GoT can motivate the troops to play spoiler.

NED (10-1) -11 vs Burners (2-9): NED has clinched Tuesday B.  Burt has dominated, and is Top ‘B’ Dog.  Spidey has been rewarded for his team change. Looking forward to watching their playoff run.  The Burners have made a strong impression on BoPo in year ! and have improved dramatically in three months.  This matchup is just too overwhelming however.  Everyone eat some gummies!

Wrecking Balls (7-4) -3 vs BILF (4-6): Maj Danks had a huge week last time out, leading his team to a 3rd straight win and crushing the playoff hopes of My Balls.  Now they face Wrecking Balls who are holding slim playoff hopes of their own.  Can BILF ruin dreams twice in 8 days?  Iceberg says no.

West side: Yahtzee (5-5) – 3 vs Fear (4-6); As you can tell, I’m out of gas. Sort of like these teams will be playing the 2nd half of a doubleheader next to a 6 lane company party. Fear bowls way better on West side, but Yahtzee does have about a 60 pin per game average advantage.  Good enough for me



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