I am stunned. Stunned.

Dr. Thunder isn’t doing lines anymore, ha ha ha ha ha ha:


For those that don’t check the links let me spell it out for ya:

I don’t fuck with you

You little stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

You little, you little dumb ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

I got a million trillion things I’d rather fuckin’ do

Than to be fuckin’ with you

Little stupid ass, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck

I don’t I don’t I don’t give a fuck

Bitch, I don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

Don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

Yes, so in summation I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, talk shit or you are shit that’s my motto since day one can’t take it that’s on you, done with PSAs saying don’t take this personal if you do whatever.

So, if you want to:


Take it personal, take it personal, take it personal, take it personal.

Wow new BoPo Average cap set at 800, fuck off with that bullshit, no team can bring in top 4 folks that average over 200 all 4 of them, wow thanks for the help, literally fuck off with that shit, might not even have a cap, TDYOB don’t give a fuck!

Late Lines (where da party at?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?):

Mo Problems (6-2) -1 versus There Will be ButtMud (3-5):  What do you know Hungus changed rules so last two playoffs teams on team average solely and it benefits him that’s a huge fucking surprise!  Battle of the Curran sisters in this one.  Bowling names only everyone knows the rules.  His name was Robert Paulson.  Dumptruck just recently had a bday so don’t be sliding into her DMs just say happy birthday when you see her then beat it tool!  Hard match to handicap as you literally never know when Squatch could go 87 again.  Not sure if Mo$ has rolled in a while, and every single time I bet against Tango ButtMud wins then I have to hear about it at the bar.  Oh, and about that, I literally don’t give a fuck who wins or losses, I put zero thought into the handicapping, if you win great I don’t give a fuck, see a common theme in these lines?  Win great, lose great, fuck off I got one team I care about BTTTTTRA trying to break a curse.  Hungus looked awful on the fresh in practice yesterday, but this will be the burn.  Slow Roll cannot hit water falling out of a boat.  Nurple can’t trust if he will be blacked out or not.  Fuge had a 200 last week so he isn’t due for another one until around March.  Railroad and Viking noted Hungus haters will step up and shit down that dude’s neck tonight.  Hopefully ButtMud has a low average night BTTTTTRA needs some insurance.  Above the clouds, above the clouds, where the sounds are original infinite skills create miracles.  RIP Guru one of the best MCs to ever grab the mic homeboy.  Here is Railroad after the win:


Pamola Retirement Home (2-6) -10 versus Team I Locked the Key in my Locker Because I am a Fucking Idiot Moxie (5-3):  Don’t look now but Don’t Call me Key Party is about to get the shit smashed out of them tonight by the old folks’ home.  Diesel already talking shit about next week because he knows you can bet this one like it has already been played.  It’s Diesel Anapin and the ladies tonight and that spells doom against Doc there every day, Mr. Key West, and Lil Pickle.  Look for this to be over in two.  Here is Mr. Key West, Pickle, Doc Moose and the rest of the team heading to their cars after the match:


Wanna have fun?  Show up drink, get loose and throw them at the pins!

Pullout Couch (6-2) -13 versus Buy the Ticket Take the Losses (3-5):  Another playoff-less season for Jerk and Farmer what a fucking surprise.  Farmer fresh off a stint from India where he got extremely loose and became Enlighted off a combination of shit weed and shisha, classic fucking Farmer.  Dude may need a hug tonight so if you see him give him one.  Had a funny conversation with him last night about the Thunder kids entering their teens and may need to hit him for advice because if you can believe it my other old ass friends (older than I) from the Ultimate community and even bigger piss drunk cocks than this guy.  Jerk may steal a point or two, but in the end BTTTTR finds a way to lose, Bowl Murray gets an 83 and Couch, Walter and crew shred.  Here is Farmer and Spare-O after the match:


Here is Jerk (on the mic) and McDabbin after the match:


Saint Hexy’s Hooligans (1-7) -2.5 versus Role Models (4-4):  Said news G Force has come down with pneumonia which is super bad for someone as old as G.  This true American War hero has had it tough since coming to league, had a heart attack on perv row and his daughter almost fainted.  Then he almost broke his neck and back after a podcast and now this.  G get better quick bro and maybe give some thought to retirement.  Without G Fart Nugget and crew are staring at a real ass battle.  If Burt the Bandit stops rolling like the Giants I like their chances tonight.  Here is Big Party and Happy Fete Pete having words after the match:


Nuclear Banana (7-1) -15 versus the Love Boat (2-6):  G Unit, Tron, RV et al tried to talk shit last week then got shit as in another loss.  This ship is lost at sea, welcome to fucking Gilligan’s Island, these cats won’t win another game all year.  Another dreadful squad put together by the skipper and he is going down with the ship, they stand no change as Layne’s crew got steal of draft with HBK like pick 10 second round.  They cruise through this like they do the entire league on Nobes way to her second Draft League title a as captain.  Take notes Rick Vaughn.  Here is Rick and G after the match:



Dongs on Tap (5-3) -10 versus Buy the Ticket take the Ride Also (4-4):  BTTTTRA was able to end their 3-game losing streak but they are a dumpster fire.  Thunder is pissing everyone off in the league and rolling like absolute shit.  They never know what lady is going to show on a given night.  Swanny goes from 200 to 100 on the regular and those two fucking Oddballs have lost 30 pins on their average due to the Dr. Blunder draft league curse.  What looked like a contender is now a pretender and the limp badly into a Cheddar team that is loaded at the top with CheddBeat, Cleveland, and South Paw.  Look for those 3 to be too much for Blunder and crew tonight as they play themselves out of playoff content.  Here is Thunder after the match:


And here is everyone that read the lines:


Lighten up folks, and get loose:


Fucking retired my ass.


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