This Is (nearly) The End

Two weeks left tin the regular season with playoff positions still up for grabs either via record, points or team average.  A lot left to play for.  Good luck to all as another fun season comes to a close.


Pamola Opens (2-7) -3 vs. Saint Hexy’s Hooligans (1-8):  Lots of good people on both sides here.  Believe me.  These folks have the best words, they just can’t bowl all that well.  All good, like I said, lots of good people on both sides.  Playing out the string here.  RIP Robert E Lee’s statue.  Here is Doc Moose giving a speech after their season ends.

Boposapiens (5-4) -1 vs. Sex on Saturdays (4-5):  This match depends on Precious and if he shows or not.  It’s early so money says he does.  His average is on the rise at 182.4 he will be the different in this match as the Sapiens look to stay playoff eligible.  Look for Snapshot a daily patron to have a big night tonight.  Here is Snapshot when the roof closed:

There Will BE Losses 3-6 -5 versus Ex-Presidents:  Hungus squad cannot buy a win but that 655 average says they got a Wild Card spot if playoffs started today, but they don’t.  I expect them to tank their average over the next two weeks and miss out if Hungus rolls everyone.  Roadhouse and crew are playing out the string on a lost season while their captain awaits the unveiling of a banner come 2019.

Just the Tips -15 (5-4) vs X Force (6-3):  All Xander’s team does is win. [joke removed by Stalin]. [Another solid joke removed by Stalin]. Just the Tips were a laughing stock to start the season, then Hungus screwed over CJ some more, stacked one expansion team and straight fucked the other.

Cocktails and Cream (4-5) -1 vs. Spare Ribs (5-4):  Both teams currently outside looking in at the playoffs.  Creams has an eye on top two average bid.  Sparkles says Glossy sucks, Glossy blames it on Boys and C-Murda, sounds like team chemistry to me.  Insanal has been riding the hot hand of two of the biggest black out drunks in the league in Holden and Dutch here they are after the loss:


Bowlers Union -15 (5-4) versus UDFA (0-9):  Hungus either hates everyone on UDFA or gave zero thought to the expansion teams.  Got on the air onsite with Danks and Javs last night and called my shot on continued David Price postseason dominance.  #DoDamage only damage done in this match will be to UDFA’s egos.

Draughts on Tap (6-3) -10 vs. Buy the Ticket Take the Losses (3-6).  No Farmer tonight that means me first douche Jerk gets three tonight and they still lose.  Jerk has become accustomed to losing lately.  He continues to bring in new ringers every year for Bingas even though they haven’t won a title since 2009.  Now he has kicked BoPo legend Hot Mango Mike off Bingas who may have been on the team prior to Jerk.  This year he isn’t making the playoffs again in Draft.  At least last year on Thunder’s team he had a winning record and made Baker play-in, bring this up and all he points to is personal stats.  The guy has become “me” not “we” divergent from the past when he was a strong leader of a perennial team of destiny.  Now just a perennial loser and will get rid of anyone if he thinks it can benefit himself.  See PB&J and Hot Mango Mike.  Fortunately, the rest of the squad is a party team and they can have fun despite him throwing them under the bus, as he said about last week, “Wasn’t my fault we lost, I averaged 229 over 3 games.”  Literally a direct quote and he added, “Take it up with rest of the team, these guys suck!”  Now that’s the winning attitude we are looking for.  Fortunately, Farmer and Spare-O have a team first, party first, love first approach to look forward to in 19 on TDYOB.  Das has the same to look forward to with the Lion’s Den.  Fortunately, Bowl Murray and McDabbin aren’t going to remember the season anyway due to getting annihilated every Thursday night, Thunder does not hate, and McDabbin did make Hakeem $100 richer this season.  Other side Chedd Beat pulled a no-show last week and South Paw went off crushing Thunder’s team 10-5, look for them to hand losses another loss tonight.  Here is Jerk after the game:

Drama Llamas (7-1) -2.5 versus Mo Problems (6-2):  Another match with lots of good people on both sides.  DDJ has himself a title contender Mo $ team ain’t too shabby either.  This will be a back and forth match with depth of Drama being a little too much for the problems.  Here is DDJ after the match:

Delusional idiot that he is.

Magic’s Gathering (6-3) -15 vs. The Loser Boat (2-7):  Magic’s squad can play this one like it’s already been played.  Rick’s squad likes to show up talk a lot of shit and lose.  Recipe for success.  Pineapple and Tron front runners for PDA award.  Here they are after the match:

Buy the Ticket Take the Curse (4-5) -1 vs. Team Moxie (6-3):  Thunder’s cursed team is due to breakout.  Diesel been talking shit nonstop, Thunder’s team has average advantage they need it I think they get it, if they don’t here is Thunder after watch:

Nuclear Banana (8-1) -15 vs. Role Models:  How does Party’s team have 5 wins?

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