Thunder Does Friday

Thursday Late finally brought the ruckus and got the BoPo season started off like it should be.  As mentioned Tuesday snoozefest NYD related, and Hungus stacked the late Thursday shift with party squads galore.  So BoPo back baby, tell your friends and now a lite Friday Night Lights!

Guacabowle -1 versus Saucy Posse:  UPSET ALERT!!!!!!  Saucy Posse is an absolute mess to start the season.  They only have three tonight granted two of them are Master Splinter and Nut Sauce but the prior coming off knee surgery and may not yet be able to yank the crank if you know what I mean.  Nut Sauce has been sick and dealing with migraines (potentially another BoPo pregnancy in the works, ha ha ha, I kid) and they have Chili Sauce.  Currently looking for a 4th, if the land some ringer like Scotty To Hottie or Frankie Abralon flip this to Posse -3.  Walter at Celtics game, Beef at a going away party for Paul LePage and Hot Sauce on the DL from yanking the crank too much.  Other side of the coin you have your local dive bar boy wonder owners in Mitch and Dick.  Cilantro gonna be shredding the powder on the slopes by day, BoPo by night #nicelittleFridayplanned.  Rest of crew been putting a ton of time on the lanes and at the bar.  Mitch and Dick can be seen bowling at the lanes pretty much daily with Mitch getting big scores, and Dick trying to keep it on the lane and hit Brooklyn.  Honestly fucking guy should be the Mayor of Brooklyn he spends so much time there, I’m surprised the pissed drunk cock can even see the lanes.  Whitman should be especially lubed after spending day working at Howie’s and lightning himself on fire in the kitchen.  Great Thursday night postgame there last night with team members from Leisure Rolls, Strike City, TDYOB, Spare of the Dog and Guacabowle.  Sparetime hasn’t been seen in a bit but you know he will be down to roll.  Bonita and Dump Truck should be able to hang with Chili I look for mid-level depth from Guac to edge Saucy out unless Splinter and Nut Sauce are 220 plus same game on reg intriguing match for our first Friday Night Lights.  Here are the boys from Guacafter the match:

Leisure Rolls -10 versus BUI:  The day the BUI died, and they will be singing bye bye Snapshot and G Unit drove Thunderwood to the levy, but the levy was dry due to a beat up Achilles and good ol’ Happy Feet Pete was drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that BUI dies.  BUI been that plucky underdog that always gets overlooked and fights its way to the Quarters I am here to say those days are gone.  Duke Thunderwood is walking wounded, Happy Feet Pete been rolling low 100s, G hasn’t been seen since draft and Snapshot sits around and watches more than he bowls.  Want to go on record love this crew one and all but their best days are behind them on the lanes.  Unless they made some pickups, they will be lucky to beat Spare of the Dog and T&T this year with their 541 and 589 team averages respectively.  Hmm, I wonder what team is leading Thursday night in average?  Opposite this pair you have the Leisure Trolls who don’t get much fan fare but are stacked.  They are bringing in town drunk who wants to drink free beer right here at the bar tool in Dutch.  Go looked like absolute shit yesterday, but he will figure it out.  Magic, we know all this cat does is win.  D$ and Insanal are aces, I swear to God every time we roll this crew Insanal drops a 700.  Breads and new comer Sally Bowls round out the crew.  Honestly you can bet this game like it’s already been played.  The Trolls (real trolls not fake ass Tuesday B champ name stealing trolls) wrap this up in two games like TDYOB against Average Bros.  Dutch and Magic at Howie’s after the match talking to G Unit:

Buds -3 versus Pin Ups:  Buds had a big loss losing Ric Spare to Party Mix so not sure where they stand, but they usually are in it to win it on the B scene.  Last time they played Friday night I remember something about a special Bud delivery so expect these cats to be lubed.  Speaking of lubed anyone seen that piss drunk cock Dick Whitman trying to keep it on the lanes lately?  Pinups are putting in work!  MacBalls and Lil Lane Master were seen throwing down some NYD practice and although they have no clue who anyone in the league is this is the year they break out introduce themselves to some people and make their mark.  I see the Buds having too much fire power for them, but I have been wrong before.  #understatement.  Here are lil lane master and MacBalls after breaking 100:

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