Tuesday Says What?

Alright BoPo, last week of January coming up.  Just wrapped up a marathon non-Thunder podcast, prepare to get bored!  Actually, Dick Whitman spiced things up pretty well, before passing out on his couch and missing Restaurant League.  Listen for yourself – neatly dividied into two 45 minute segments.

Sparkles will take on late lines, here’s a few thoughts on Tuesday early.

DHD (4-0) -9 vs Hazzard (0-4): Well I screwed that up.  There are a lot of crossover mismatches, but somehow we ended up with the top Thursday team getting the bottom Tuesday team.  Oh well, good chance for Thursday to snap it’s 0 for 9 streak this year.  DHD is doing what they do and have quietly gone from B champs to top of Thursday A in two years.  Hazzard is feeling the effects of multiple years of roster poaching, and are just going through the ringer of Tuesday A, and now get the best Thursday A has to offer.  Sorry fellas.  LB will grab a couple points, and Marne is due, so maybe they push it to three games.

Off Constantly (2-2) -3 vs Bingas (1-3): Yesterday at open we had a full Binga’s intrasquad scrimmage.  They know this is their last, best chance to turn the regular season around, though they also probably know the regular season is mostly just a three month warmup.  The G Boi signing has yet to pay any dividends – now they throw him up against his 2018 team OC.  His replacements on OC are off to better starts, Jr Hoss around 177 and rising after a brutal first week, Natro around 177 as well.  Meanwhile G Boi is at a shocking 170 with no 200’s.  Strange days. Mama D has been the key for OC and should battle for top with Tso or Jerk.  OC just hoping Tron is hanging with Tom Richards at a conference tonight so they can beat their old rival and get the early lead in the 3-team Dusty Banner Division race (looking at you, BEER).

Ball That (3-1) -3 vs Budweisers (2-2): A couple of B teams coming off losses look to rebound early.  Ball That fell in a big time showdown with undefeated expansion squad Poultry Ass.  They need to recover in a hurry to stay in the race for top seed.  The Budweisers fell to a motivated BARE squad, and face even more pressure at 2-2.  Squampch and Twiknle Toes are sitting right around 150, P-Mixx, Ally McBowl and Sir Marks-A-Lot are stuck in the 140s.  Lots of room to move up.  Here’s hoping the early pattern suits them and both teams get a taste of striking.  Regardless, pitchers are just $20.

No Eye Deer (1-3) -3 vs Hookers (2-2):  It’s no secret that I’m a Burt fan – he has the optimism of a young David Lee Roth and it’s infectious.  The latest example came Sunday night in league.  He rolled a 226 and exclaimed ‘I got it! I figured it out!’  Well now he gets to test that out on a pattern that not many have ‘figured out’ with any consistent results.  Ah, but what the hell, let’s all dream big together!  The Hookers are actually pretty dangerous, and I’m probably a sucker picking against them, but I don’t exactly have the mortgage on the line.

Poultry Ass (3-0) -9 vs BARE (1-3): Add BARE to the list of confirmed line readers – Sticky shouted out ‘Hungus called it!’ after they picked up their first win last week.  Nice job, guys, getting that first franchise win under your belt a pretty amazing feeling.  Hold on tot hat feeling for a little while because the 2nd one probably not coming tonight.  Poultry Ass is the only current team with no losses in franchise history.  Iceberg not about to let the first one happen tonight.  They are on a mission to get a short banner.

Wrecking Balls (3-1) -1 vs Splits Happen (2-1): The Xander Bowl.  Rick Vaughn (voluntary) and Cheddar (involuntary) aren’t the only captains who left their teams this offseason.  Xander Rolle left Splits Happen for the Wrecking Balls.  He’s joined a very strong team, and they have three folks with averages higher than the highest Splits Happen average.  It looks like a mismatch, but Splits Happen has been a feisty team.  They look certain to get a lot of bottom points, and Triple G has been rolling great this week in practice.  I think the motivation of facing the old Cap keeps them close, but ultimately Biscuit Wheels or Xander knocks them out with a big game 3.


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