Final Power Rankings

1. (1) Spared No Expense (8-2): Until proven otherwise

2. (2) Baeside Rollers (9-1): Cheese has been great, now BrownMichaelCox is bowler of the week?!?!

3. (3) Magic’s Gathering (7-3): The Ripcord train is rolling

4. (NR) Denim Vajean (8-2): All Chernobes does is win draft league (and run a successful business and raise a kid and bowhunt deer)

5. (5) Schnitzengiggles (7-3): Get Aperol Splitz to finish, so RR division champs

6. (4) Walter (7-3): Tough week to miss both Viking and E Minor

7. (NR) Dolla Bets (7-3): Huge win without Cerrano

8. (NR) Vintage Thrust (7-3): Can’t keep discounting that record

9. (6) Murder of Crows (6-4): Ca Caw

10. (8) Go Flock Yourself (5-5): I can’t get past that big, shiny team average

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