2nd Tuesday B

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Strikes on Tap (2-0) -5 vs. Burners (1-2)

Burners got into the win column last week, hope they savored the taste because its back in the loss column after their match with the defending Champs tonight.  Burners usually have someone get hot every week.  Problem is that its only ONE bowler that gets hot.  Who’s it going to be tonight- Spladam? Shooter? Won’t be enough for the likes of Cleaner and ScrapperJohn.

Splits AF (1-2) -3 vs. B.A.R.E. (1-2) 

Nurple and crew got their first win last week!! BARE is much better than that 1-2 start, don’t know why I feel like they are gonna lose this one.  I just have a feeling that Splits AF is about to go on a tear.  It will be a tight one, but Splits comes out with the W tonight.

Poultry (1-2) -5 vs. Whoomp (1-2)

A classic basement standings shootout tonight between Poultry and Whoomp.  Castle and High Hat will own the top points but it won’t be enough to get the win. 

Ball That (1-2) -5 vs. Mindz (1-2)

Mindz in the Gutter coming off probably their biggest win in their teams young history!  They were able to knock of a badly depleted Trolls team to get their first win this season.  Ball That has had a slow start, they keep bouncing from playing the best in league to worst in league.  The roller coaster continues as they are back towards the worst in the league.  I predict Ball That wins easily, buy you never know… Did I say Mindz beat Trolls last week??

West Side GAMES:

Bowl Trolls (0-2) -7 vs. NED (2-0)

Déjà vu…  Didn’t I predict this match two weeks ago??  What in holy hell is happening??  Trolls lost to Mindz last week??  I know like 7/8 of Trolls is in Mexico or somewhere…  Makes me think why wasn’t Fuge invited?  It was all for my benefit because the look on Fuge’s face last week as he was getting throttled by Mindz was classic.  I should have taken a picture.  I hope that his team is back because Tuesday B League is just better when Trolls are bowling great.  If the Trolls are back from Mexico, they win this in two.

Budweiser’s (0-2) -1 vs. NED (?-?)

The early bye week can either be just what the doctor ordered or way too early.  I think it’s the latter for the Budweiser’s.  In their last match, Budweiser’s lost all 5 points in game 3 by a combined 10 pins!  Been a rough 0-2 start for the perennial contender.  Is it too early to say this is a must win for Bud’s?  I think they bounce back versus a warmed-up NED.  It is kinda bullshit to play a team that’s all warmed up from a 3-game match, is it gonna be on the same lanes too??  I do know that Bandit is crushing it so far, but over the years I’ve noticed his scores always decrease as the night goes on.  Budweiser’s barely escape this one with a win.



Incredibowls (3-0) -5 vs. Bowling Stones (2-1)

The hot start for Incredibowls continues tonight against a Stones team that I just can figure out.  Stones started hot lead by Bones and Triple G but they have cooled significantly; their team average drops by 20+ points every week.  On paper Stones should take top and bottom points giving them the win, but they haven’t proved to me they can be trusted with an upset.  Incredibowls continues to roll tonight

Wrecking Balls (3-0) -15 vs. BILF (0-3) 

Xander and Wrecking Balls finally beat his old team Bowling Stones (formerly Splits Happen).  Turned out to be closer than I predicted but a win is a win.  I’ve never predicted a shutout.. think its appropriate here.  Wrecking Balls win and two and win big.

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  1. These are great lines. In tune to everything and knowledgeable about all matchups. Tip of the cap to you madam/sir.

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