Power Rankings – Week 12

#1- No Change- LOS: They will most likely end the season undefeated (only team in BOPO to do that) and they averaged 11 points per week.. Double Cheese, Putt Putt & Precious are ranked 1, 3 & 4 respectively on the stats sheet. Mama D is ranked 25th with a 183+ average. They shouldn’t run into much trouble in playoffs until the semi-finals. They will play the winner of Tuesday 8 (XXX Club?) & Thursday 9 (Avg Bros?). Huge favorite for the 2021 Banner.

#2- No Change- SKOL: The only team in my eyes that can compete and beat LOS. They have the same average as LOS and also have 3 bowlers that are averaging over 200 (Frankie- 213, Gunz- 209 & Viking- 206). Throw in Mrs. Brady and you have an excellent team that will make a deep run into playoffs. As with LOS, they shouldn’t run into many problems until the semis. They will play the winner of Thursday 8 (Hexy?) & Bowl Thugz. They will be looking for Tattoo #2.

#3- Up 2 spots –Y&B2: After the tough loss to GOB, Y&B2 came back and won the last 4 weeks, including a big win over SKOL 11-4. They have the 3rd highest average in BOPO with a 765. The “worst” bowler on their team has a 162 average. They are a deep team that can roll 800+ any given game. They should lock up the 2 seed in the Thursday division and will face the winner of Thurs 11 (TDYOB?) & Tuesday 7 (Oddballs?).

#4- Down 1 spot- Bingas- They have already locked up the #2 seed for Tuesday division. There are a few teams that have a higher team average than them- but they win when it matters. G Boi & Jerk are still averaging over 200 with Tso right behind them. They will make a deep push into playoffs. They will play the winner of Thurs 7(Guac?) & Thursday 10 (BUI?). If Badger & Guac crew bowl well, they could push Bingas to the limits.

#5- Down 2 spots- GOB- They will most likely end the season with a 10-2 record as the 3 seed. They had a couple big wins against Y&B2 and Sharks & Strikes. Splinter is leading the team in average with a 203, but anyone else on their team can bowl well. They will play whoever finishes 6th place on Thursday. It could be either BEER or Shake & Bake. Either one of those teams will be a good matchup.

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