One thought on “Power Rankings

  1. Crackjack’s Preason Picks:
    1.) Frankie A. – How does the 2nd highest average captain draft the 2020 Kingshit and two 2020 Bopo Champions in the first three rounds? What were the rest of you captains smoking to let that happen?
    2.) Glossy – An equally filthy good team put together by a high average captain.
    3.) Double Cheese – The defending champs obviously have a solid shot of repeating. They’re easily one of the most well rounded teams, but they’ll face some tough competition
    4.) Roadhouse – The 2nd deepest lineup in the draft in my opinion. Roadhouse, Sparkles and Bora can hang with anyone on a good night, and D$, Ramrod, and Pineapple bring the consistency you need from your 3-4 hole to win the tough grind nights
    5.) Titty/Cupcake – This pattern’s tough. Ripcord is the only garunteed 200 average this season. and Jr Hoss due to draft shenaningan! That’s a free 1st rounder in the 5th round! The rest of the lineup are the sort of consistent bowlers you need behind that sort of 1-2 punch.

    Party team of the year
    Tied – Big Party, Beer Hunter – I may be a little biased since Big Party finally picked me after giving me 4 years to recover from the near liver failure he gave me the last time we bowled together. But lets be honest here, it’d be a feat to survive on either of these teams.

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