Power Rankings

Through Week 6: by Flatline

#1- No Change- LOS: Same spot- different week. Another easy week before they play Guac. Highest average out of any BOPO team.

#2- No Change- SKOL: Big win versus BEER. Could be #1 as they are the only perfect team in the Tuesday division.

#3- No Change- Y&B2: Stays the same with the BYE week. They play a B division team before GOB. Second highest average in BOPO.

#4- No Change- Bingas- Sitting in second place in Tuesday Division. GBoi and Jerk still killing it. They have a BYE this week.

#5- No Prev Rank- Sharks & Strikes- 4th highest average in BOPO. Beat Oddballs last week. Nice crossover match this week vs. GOB. Should be game of the week.

Honorable Mention:

BEER- Tough loss last week versus SKOL- but still a force to be reckoned with. Is Herb back? Heard he was out a couple weeks? Could be a huge boost. 

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