Winter 22 Restaurant and Brewery League

Brea LuTown LandingNo games
Beer and LoathingOxbow
The Daily GrindAustin Street20-Feb
Eat Drink LuckyHighrollerNo gamesMakeup Games
Hot SuppaFlatbread
16-JanBeer and LoathingHot Suppa
OxbowBrea LuHighrollerThe Daily Grind
Town LandingBeer and LoathingEat Drink LuckyBrea Lu
Austin StreetEat Drink LuckyTown LandingFlatbread
The Daily GrindHot SuppaAustin StreetOxbow
23-JanBrea LuThe Daily Grind
Austin StreetBrea LuHot SuppaHighroller
The Daily GrindTown LandingEat Drink LuckyTown Landing
OxbowHot SuppaBeer and LoathingAustin Street
HighrollerBeer and LoathingOxbowFlatbread
FlatbreadEat Drink Lucky
30-JanHot SuppaBrea Lu
Beer and LoathingBrea LuTown LandingAustin Street
Town LandingOxbowThe Daily GrindEat Drink Lucky
HighrollerAustin StreetHighrollerOxbow
Hot SuppaEat Drink LuckyBeer and LoathingFlatbread
The Daily GrindFlatbread
7-FebTown LandingHighroller
Hot SuppaTown LandingEat Drink LuckyBeer and Loathing
Brea LuHighrollerOxbowThe Daily Grind
Eat Drink LuckyOxbowAustin StreetHot Suppa
Beer and LoathingThe Daily GrindFlatbreadBrea Lu
FlatbreadAustin Street
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