New for ’22

2022 will be season 15 of BoPo, the Crystal Anniversary! The league has grown from 12 teams of straight house ball madness to some elite bowling, and while there always some bumps along the way, it has evolved in such a way to keep a great scene for all of us. As we add back more teams next year I have some changes to the rules to help with that evolution.

These rule changes are designed to increase roster size (rather than having more, smaller teams), get more people in the league that can’t commit to full-time, and to give more people a taste of thee awesome playoff bowling we saw this season. It also creates more interesting managerial decisions. The playoffs this year were amazing to watch. These rules are not a negative reaction to the existing rules or teams in any way, please don’t interpret them that way, they are just a way I think will be cool to build the league moving into the future. Without further ado…


Game times: Tuesdays will have all 20 lanes at 6:15pm. Thursdays will return to two shifts, 5:30 and 8:15, all games on East side.

Playoff Rules: Each team has to bowl at least six players, including at least two different women, in each match.

EDIT: To clarify, you would need to get all six players in by game 2, unless you were tied 2.5-2.5 guaranteeing a 3rd game. In that scenario you could wait until game three to play the 5th and or 6th player.

Playoff Eligibility: Players will need 10 games bowled in the regulars season to be playoff eligible.

Rosters: The basic roster rules are tweaked only slightly. Teams still need a minimum of two women to reach 10 games, but now also need a total of 6 players to reach 10 games.

Taxi Squad: Each team can have up to two players eligible as emergency playoff replacements with a minimum of just three games. These players can only play in playoff games if there aren’t enough regularly playoff eligible players able to bowl. Players can still only bowl for one team all season.

That’s about it. The biggest news is Tuesdays all games at 6:15! The Taxi Squad gives teams the flexibility to get a sub as late as the last week of the year if they are anything like my team and can count on a broken elbow/car crash/snowmobile accident taking out a player late in the season. The new playoff rules ensures that at least six players on each roster will have to contribute to the playoff run. Teams may also just choose to go with seven players so they have their bases covered for playoffs even if someone gets hurt or something.

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